English Premier League Tips and Predictions: Matchweek 1

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The English Premier League is back for another year of crazy entertainment and the best quality of football in the world!

The rise of the EPL has seen exponential growth in the past few years as even more of the world opens to the spectacle that football really is.

20 teams competing in England will be laying out their strategies, plans, and hard work to try and make the best position possible in the grueling table.

The fans of football know that this league is at the top level when all teams are playing to their ability, marking every other league in the dust, respectfully.

There are some incredible teams that have contending ability this year and that comes from a great summer of transfer window signings.

Each game is magnified in the Premier League, with the stakes being so high in the standings. Week in and week out the match days are crazy and find a way to fulfill fan’s satisfactions.

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Everton versus Chelsea - Saturday, August 6th, 2022

Everton are in a tough spot after just nearly avoiding relegation in 2021-2022. The blueprint set forth by Frank Lampard got them just through in a very tight season.

Losing Richarlison in the off season will hurt their chances going forward, but Everton have enough talent to be a mid-table consistently.

Last season was a huge anomaly for them, and they were facing relegation for the first time in the club's history since staying up.

Look for Everton to start this season off with confidence about their results towards the end of last season and the fact they are renewing their lease on life within the Premier League.

Chelsea is once again a top four, title contender within the Premier League.

Although recent pre-season news has seen some turmoil turn up in the locker room, the spirits seem to be up for the most part in the Blues camp.

Tomas Tuchel is large and in charge of this team and he believes they have potential to be very special.

Signing City man Raheem Sterling and others this transfer window, Chelsea have bolstered their attack and have made life easier for the defense.

They will be heading into this first game with a similar mindset from last year except with more technical, pacey play.

Although away, Chelsea expects to win this game due to the sheer experience and talent they possess at this stage.

Betting Prediction - Chelsea money line and spread against Everton in the battle of blue clubs to kick off the Premier League!

West Ham versus Manchester City - Sunday, August 7th, 2022

West Ham has been a very nice sleeper team in the Prem for the past few seasons.

Their ability to upset big opponents and keep lesser ones down has left them in a spot to play in Europe for years to come.

This year, however, they must re-cement their standing amongst the best.

There is no better way to do this than to play Manchester City in the first week of the season at home, many would say.

This game will feature two teams not afraid to be in front of goal and hold possession in the tight spots.

There will certainly be many goals in this one and less defensive-minded play unless it’s from West Ham’s point of view.

Erling Haaland and company should love this game and start the season off with a bang!

Betting Prediction - Over 2.5/3 goals and City to win the money line in the first Sunday match of the season!