English Premier League Tips and Predictions: Matchweek 34

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The EPL is finally coming to a near close, and with over a month’s play left in the tank, teams are looking to put their final efforts in.

There is still so much to play for, and after a super dramatic midweek table pull, we have some risers and losers.

The title race seems to be firmly now in Manchester City’s grasp, and there is nothing else that Arsenal can do but hope the defending Champions drop points.

The top four race is heating up massively now as well, and there are a plethora of teams who are able to make the final spots for Champions League.

The Premier League has seen a stark decline in your regular top four, with teams like Chelsea and Liverpool trying to fight out of the midtable curse.

Chelsea sees themselves at ten points from relegation, which is something completely wild to say with how much talent is stacked on the roster.

There is more time to recuperate from earlier mistakes, but every single team now has a chip on their shoulder in every position.

Whether it's trying to qualify for Europe or making ends meet to avoid relegation, this set of weekend matches should be epic.

Let’s get into some of the best matchups this week available for you to bet on Stake.com!

Aston Villa versus Manchester United - April 30th, Sunday

Aston Villa are in a perilous run of form right now, with all to play for in these last games of the EPL.

Their recent play has carried them to a current top six spot, and they are hungry for more.

Ollie Watkins has been a beacon of light in what was another mediocre season, and Villa fans have reason to be happy once again.

The purple and blue are making each match played down to their tempo, and they are able to hit teams on the counter as well as maintain solid possession of the ball.

They don’t have many flashy plays or greatly emphasized shots at goal, but they are solid fundamentally and now find themselves in a great position to make some noise.

The top four may be somewhat of a reach, but their quest to qualify for a spot in Europe certainly isn’t.

They will welcome a match against Manchester United this Sunday, one in which they should feel like they have equal chances.

Manchester United are looking to find any sort of winning at the moment in the Premier League, and their recent result at Tottenham suggests that there is still a long way to go for the side managed by Erik Ten Hag.

The Red Devils are not firing on all cylinders like they were a few months back, and after their mojo was derailed by several lapses of injuries, they do not look to be getting to the right place at the moment.

Top four is still within their reach for sure, but they need to start picking up results fast.

Betting Prediction - Manchester United ML and the over 2.5 on goals scored.

Liverpool versus Tottenham - April 30th, Sunday

Two teams who are looking to fight for the last Champions League spot will be facing off this Sunday in a battle for a further step up within the race for CL.

Liverpool have been able to find wins off of nothing these past few weeks, and their roster is finally starting to get healthy once again.

Tottenham are grinding out games, but don’t have any sort of consistency worth nothing so far.

These two teams would be depressed to not make the CL next year, and there are definite changes coming to their squads over the summer.

How this game plays out relies on the counter, and which team can take their chances in their stride.

Betting Prediction - Liverpool moneyline and 1x2.

प्रीमियर लीग
13 अप्रैल 2024

11:30 am

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2:00 pm

Brentford FC - शेफ़ील्ड यूनाइटेड ऍफ़सी

2:00 pm

Nottingham Forest - वोल्वरहैंप्टन वन्डरर्स ऍफ़सी

2:00 pm

मेनचेस्टर सिटी ऍफ़सी - Luton Town

2:00 pm

बर्नली ऍफ़सी - ब्राइटोन एंड होव एल्बिओन ऍफ़सी

4:30 pm

AFC Bournemouth - मेनचेस्टर यूनाइटेड ऍफ़सी
14 अप्रैल 2024

1:00 pm

वेस्ट हैम यूनाइटेड ऍफ़सी - फूलहैम ऍफ़सी

1:00 pm

लिवरपूल ऍफ़सी - क्रिस्टल पैलेस ऍफ़सी

3:30 pm

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