Golf Tips and Predictions: 2022 PGA Championship

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Golf is turning back the clock and recurring into the common air within sporting fans across the globe.

The sport has become a must-see television segment, and there are so many new stars being born every tournament that is played.

Colin Morikawa was one of the youngest up and comers on the scene last year and ended up winning a green jacket in Augusta which many would not have predicted at all beforehand.

The talent possessed within the mines of golfing locations across the world has increased and competition is as stiff as it ever has been.

Living through players like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Rory Mcllroy, there is definite talent coming through that will be known very soon.

This year’s PGA Championship will be filled with experience, raw talent, and unexpected winners.

Predictions of Winners

The Future Is Now - Colin Morikawa

Just like we said in the overview, Colin Morikawa is one of the hottest golfers on the planet right now and it is largely due to the fact he is exceptional in both long and short game.

The 25-year-old from Los Angeles has the perfect control in his irons, and can turn on the pivotal jets when it comes clutch time on the putting grounds.

His rise to stardom has not been easy, but he has proven that he can hang with the best no matter what the cost is. Look for the driver’s eyes on every hole as Morikawa can easily put some effortless distance into the ball from anywhere on the green.

JT the Old Reliable - Justin Thomas

The 2017 former Champion of the PGA Championship, American Justin Thomas is known as a silent killer on the lush green fields.

The All-Star and veteran of the game has amassed over 14 PGA Wins in his career, and one of his biggest coming in 2017 here at the same exact location.

Justin Thomas knows these grounds well and will use his experience to his advantage when coming up against tough holes and wind conditions.

Only time will tell if JT can string it together for a huge tournament like this, but history says he’s not far off every time.

Power is Precision - Brooks Koepka

The sheer amount of talent Brooks Koepka exhibits on the golf course is next to none.

The man is stocky and has the skills of a minute golfer.

Athletically inclined, Koepka uses his precision and accuracy to pair with his strong driver game that make him one of the best in the world.

If he can channel his peak performance for just a few holes day in and day out, he might be a great longshot to win it all!