Golf Tips and Predictions: Farmers Insurance Open

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A lot of eyes will be on the PGA Tour to produce another banger of an event that we got last week at the American Express Open.

What has been a fulfilling start to 2023 for the golf world, there is still a lot that remains to be unseen in the rest of the season.

Many players have gotten the opportunity to showcase their game to so many people, and we have seen some breakout stars become etched in stone.

There are going to be several top twenty players in the mix at the American Express Open this week, and the hunger to win a trophy couldn’t be at a higher expense.

Each tournament has come down to the last stroke multiple weeks in a row now, and nothing is truly safe until the Sunday playoff showdown.

The conditions for these golfers have become super volatile, but it has brought entertainment of the highest forms. will be offering many different selections surrounding the Farmers Insurance Open this week, so take a peek and select!

Players to Watch For

Jon Rahm - Best In the World?

Jon Rahm is on cloud nine after once again delivering a performance worthy of all the attention.

The world number three has climbed up and now figures to be in a great spot to win another tournament back-to-back.

Rahm has always been a consistent top finisher in majors or non-majors, but this year it appears he has taken it to a different level.

Rahm has demonstrated exceptional skills in all perspectives of his game, whether it’s the long or short version.

His ability to see the courses before he takes his action has been great, and it’s his time to show the world what a beast he has become.

Look for Rahm to step on the gas pedal and make sure this tournament is under his terms.

Xander Schauffele - Consistency Through it All

Xander Schauffele wants to make sure he gets back on the winning track in 2023.

The multiple time tournament winner has made strides to increase his game every season, but this one feels different.

There is power behind his shots and intention behind his play on the greens.

Xander has relative comfort with the conditions in Torrey Pines, but he will have to face a tall field in order to accomplish his goals.

If he can get off to a strong start and be in the competition on the last day, he could be a value bet for many reasons.

Colin Morikawa - Looking to Impress

One of the better talents to keep an eye out for, we always believe that Colin Morikawa can produce some great stuff.

He has always been touted as one of the “next up” and has at times, produced the results worthy of the title.

Recently, he has been middling in the standings of tournaments, and actually choked away a huge lead just a few weeks back.

He has the game, but the mentality is the only thing in question.