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Just recently, Stake released a new multiplayer game called Slide – While this game may stem from its CSGO roulette roots, Stake decided to take it a step further and offer a max payout of 1,000,000x (yes that’s one million). Unlike the single reel CSGO roulette games, Slide has millions of different payouts that one can go for.

It’s an original multiplayer game with a unique (Stake) twist to it. Touting a one million multiplier payout cap, traveling to the moon is quite possible with Slide!

The Basics

Slide seems to stem from various games, mainly crash and limbo. To put short, Slide has a feeling of limbo due to the 1 million max payout. However, it features the use of a community server seed rather than individually. The community seed makes it so that everyone is betting on the same round result each time, hence making it a multiplayer game.

House Edge / RTP % …….. 2% / 98%

Min / Max Payouts ………… 1.01x / 1,000,000x

Max Profit ……………………… 5 BTC per round

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The game parameters are nearly identical to limbo – Select a payout between 1.01-1,000,000x and if Slide lands on your exact payout or higher you win the wagered amount x selected payout. Since all players are betting on the same result each round, more spotlight is given to the game history. This is used to plan and strategize when your desired payout will make an entry.

Keep in mind that there is a pitfall to watch out for, which is the dreaded 1.00x showing its face. As the minimum payout for Slide is 1.01x, you’ll need to take extra care in avoiding the 1.00 mine regardless of which payout you decide to go with. Other than this, the sky is the limit and in this particular game the sky is a million payouts high.

Just a public service announcement: a 0.000001BTC bet on 1,000,000x would rake in a cool 1 (one) BTC. For those who don’t like complex math, that’s a 1 cent bet blasting off to $10,000! Now there’s a way to put some extra crypto into orbit.

In the words of Eddie, “Easy money!”

Game Mechanics

As slide was designed as a multiplayer game, the results are generated in a slightly different manner than the single player games at Stake. Instead of every player using their own seed pair, the hash from a mined Bitcoin block is used along with the last hash generated from a chain of 10,000,000 SHA256 hashes. Each hash is the hash of the hexadecimal representation of the previous hash.

Last Hash in the chain was:


Hash of Mined BTC Block # 631,111:


A block in the future was selected (block 631,111) as there is no possible way to know the hash until it’s mined. For accountability, Stunna @ Stake posted a bitcointalk thread with the details so that there couldn’t be any switching hashes later on. In laymans terms, the two hashes take the place of the server and client seed that you would normally find on single player games in order to generate randomized results. As with every Provably Fair game at Stake, all results can be verified and validated. For those of you who are tech inclined, the following algorithm is used to generate game results:

Advanced Features

Auto Mode – Auto mode for Slide is identical to most other auto settings offered for the other games at Stake. With this feature, you have the ability to create your own trigger-based strategies and remove human error from the mix. Some options available are increase/decrease on win, increase/decrease on loss, number of bets, stop on profit and stop on loss.

Hot Keys – Enabling hot keys for Slide will allow you to efficiently place bets without having to use your mouse. Below are the hot keys available for use on this game:


As with all games at Stake, Slide was designed in-house from the ground up, and although may share some resemblances to other well known games it offers a package that can’t be found anywhere else. From the multiplayer aspect to the insanely high payout potential, every game component was hand crafted by the developers and creatives at Stake. The common goal is to provide players with the best possible user experience.

We hope you enjoy our initial launch of Slide and we look forward to seeing those slingshot payout hits on the high roller board – 1,000,000x here we come!

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