March Madness Championship Game Preview: San Diego State vs Connecticut

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The NCAA Men’s Championship is set, with two teams finally making it out the war with their hands held.

San Diego State and Connecticut are the squads that have made it through thick and thin, persevering in every sign of adversity.

There is no doubt that these two teams are the ones who are deserving of this opportunity, and they have a real shot at college and sport history in all-time talks.

Both of these teams are well-coached and have done extremely well in their preparation and game study, both of which have aided them to where they have gotten.

Clutch shots and making the right play are common themes from both of these respective teams, and it will be a tough battle regardless of who wins.

As we near the final game of the NCAA Basketball season, we reflect on what has been a rollercoaster ride.

Underdogs were barking all the way until the final day, and we have two of them themselves in the final!

Both squads pride themselves on defence and this should be an all-out tussle.

Let’s get into the preview of this matchup, which is all available for you to bet on’s sportsbook!

SDSU Vs. UCONN - Monday, April 3rd

San Diego State’s Road to the Final

SDSU has had arguably one of the toughest paths to a NCAA Championship game in recent memory, mostly due to the quality of their opponents on a nightly basis.

SDSU has fought tooth and nail in every single game, and besides their Furman outing, have become a reckoning force within the CBB world.

Brian Dutcher’s men are definitely going to be on fumes heading into this match with UConn, but their effort will be present in all areas of the game.

Defensively, this Aztecs squad excels in forcing turnovers and creating bad shots for other teams.

Contesting the paint and making sure there aren’t any open looks has been a key part of their game.

They run about 12 men deep and have constant rotational line-ups in which all players can contribute in a big way.

After coming away with two tough wins against Creighton and FAU, SDSU looks to finally complete the puzzle and lift a national title against UConn.

UConn’s Road to the Final

UConn are one of the most staggering four seeds to ever grace the NCAA tournament and they have been making a huge case to their doubters as to why they were one of the favourites in the sweet sixteen.

The roster is loaded with defensive hounds, and shotmakers on the offensive end in plenty.

Sanogo is a potential NBA talent, with tons of upside and little downside.

This Connecticut squad might be one of the most underrated and deepest squads in recent college history, and their run will end with a chance at the title.

UConn has dominated every single one of their past three games up to this point, and they will be the firm favourite in a matchup between two of the best teams in the NCAA.

UConn is a well-oiled machine with next to no breaks, and they will be more than prepared for history this Monday.

How Will it Go?

When you take a look at both of these teams you see that there are clear athleticism differences, and talent gaps.

However, what is different in talent can be made up in game planning and strategy.

SDSU has one of the best coaches in Brian Dutcher and he will have full faith in his boys to go out there and put on a show no matter what.

UConn has had one of the hottest ends to a season you will ever see, and they could have been an easy overall #1 seed when looking back on Selection Sunday, now.

Both of these teams live and die with the defensive sword, so it will come down to who can make the most open shots.

UConn has the better shooters, and SDSU will have to compensate in other ways.

Sanogo is a matchup nightmare and limiting him will likely be one of the biggest storylines to this game.

Prediction - Take SDSU +7.5 and enjoy a great matchup between two teams who have been insane in March, on’s sportsbook!