MLB 2022 Playoffs Weekly Preview - World Series Game 1 & 2

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We finally have the two best teams in baseball set to clash for a major trophy within their organizations and lifetimes.

The Philadelphia Phillies will be representing the National League and the Houston Astros will represent the American League in a highly anticipated battle for the World Series.

This particular set of games will go through a best of seven process and the first team to four wins will hoist the gold.

After a hard-fought regular season with a ton of drama and rollercoaster moments, these two teams have settled down and found their inner peace.

Beating the best of the best on the way to the World Series, both teams are heated up and have the firepower needed to win it all.

This series will be a big test on the mentality of both ball clubs and how the managers decide to line-up will make all the difference.

Little things like pitching rest and rehydration matter at this stage, so look for each team to find the small advantages where they can.

Match Previews Game 1 and 2

Philadelphia Phillies @ Houston Astros - Friday October 28th, Saturday October 29th

The Phillies are riding off an insane high in the National League side of the bracket, beating three straight teams in dominating fashion.

Although their regular season was not smooth by any means, Philadelphia has fought their way through every game and now find themselves in the most rewarding position of all.

A chance to add to their rich history of World Series wins, the Phillies aren’t a team that many expected to be at the forefront of postseason baseball.

Their star power is certainly there, but they have been decimated at multiple times throughout the past few months alone.

Philly fans don’t even believe they’re here, fighting for a WS right now and they are playing with all the house money at this point.

This doesn’t mean that the fighting Phils don't want it all, though. Bryce Harper and Zack Wheeler have highlighted the shining parts of this team and they will take their form into the final series of the year.

Look, the Phillies are huge underdogs in this situation, but baseball has always seen fairytale endings, so all is possible this October.

Minute Maid field in Houston welcomes their kings for another opening two games of a series and their success rate has been flawless, to say the least.

The Astros were expecting to see the Dodgers this year for a cold-blooded rematch, but that will not be happening anytime soon.

The league’s consensus most dominant team throughout 2022 regains its AL crown and there is an opportunity to prove the haters wrong once again.

Dusty Baker managed his team in the most efficient way possible, allowing for his squad to be well-rested and able to take on the Phillies to start, this Friday.

Jose Altuve and Justin Verlander will be looking to get their series off on the right foot with game one in Houston.

Phillies support will be minimal in this one, but there is going to be opportunity where they can create.

The Astros will be the favourite in these first two games and the series, but don’t look past Philadelphia for long.

Betting Prediction for G1 and G2 - Astros to take both games heading into a tired flight for Philadelphia in three and four.