NBA 2023 Playoffs Preview: Eastern Conference Finals Game 5

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The NBA Eastern Conference Finals are in a decisive game five, one in which many fans would not have predicted with the current series score line.

The Miami Heat are looking intense, while the Boston Celtics have to make a literally historic comeback to have a shot at the NBA finals.

There is no doubt that this series is going the other way in terms of what many people thought, but this next game could balloon into something truly insane.

Boston is one of the better teams in the past few years of managing playoff wins, but this new season has seen a turn in their morale.

These playoffs have shown to be largely unpredictable, with the Nuggets sweeping the Lakers in the West.

Making the NBA finals before the Eastern Conference team, they will be licking their chops and hoping that the Eastern Conference goes the distance, in order for rest and more time to recover.

Letting everyone eat has been a constant theme of the playoffs for winning teams, and much of the same has to be done here.

Let’s get into the game analysis of game five here on’s sportsbook!

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Miami Heat @ Boston Celtics - 3-1 series lead

Miami has done a great job of making things happen for them in spite of all the doubters throughout these playoffs.

Losing the first play-in game to the Hawks at home was not a great start, but since then, they have found their feet in a big way.

Gabe Vincent and Jimmy Butler are just few of the names standing out and making key contributions to this Heat roster that not many would have predicted be in this position.

There is clearly a lack of fear in this Miami side, and they are playing like every game is theirs for the taking.

Not worrying about underdog status or even what is in front of them, they have found confidence in nearly all their players, even ones that usually are benched.

This series could take a turn if they lose this game five, and they will want to end it on their terms without doing anything of damage or unnecessary.

Playing at the Garden will free up pressure, but for how long?

The Boston Celtics and Jayson Tatum are looking for any spark of hope, and they reflected on their season after a game four win in Miami that kept this series alive.

“Don’t let us get one” is what Marcus Smart and the rest of the team have been preaching since game three’s loss, and they are looking to make the first time in history with a comeback down 3 games to none.

There is no doubt there is a lot left in the tank in this Celtics squad, but they have not been able to put up performances in clutch times in this series.

Making the right play in this game five will be crucial, and there is no falling back from a bad performance at this stage.

Jaylen Brown has been a point for particular concern, as his play has not reflected his abilities at all throughout these playoffs.

Look for the Celtics to push this to a game six in Miami.

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