NBA Playoffs Preview - April 25 - May 1

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The National Basketball Association has been everything fans wanted it to be, and more up to this point in the postseason.

Storylines are being created by the hour, and the constant action and ability of these different teams to compete, makes it all the better.

The first two weeks have provided us with a good indicator to how the next events may unfold.

However, the atmosphere is weirdly shaped this year. Everyone has a chance, and this can turn out crazy in the best way.

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Based on the shock results in week two, let’s head into what should be a fantastic week three of NBA playoff games!

Utah Jazz Versus Dallas Mavericks - Game 5 - April 25th, 2022

Fans in Utah will be grateful for how Game Four went.

A late choke by the Mavericks that multiplied into a Jazz win, has the series balanced at two games apiece.

Playing low quality basketball for their standards, the Jazz are a team that need to find their game fast.

Quinn Snyder will be concerned about how late and off they feel at the moment, although it just takes one great performance to get back into the groove.

Donovan Mitchell has been playing decent, but it’s not enough to clearly push them over the line against a less than healthy Dallas team.

Luka Doncic is finally back, but his return was thwarted this past Saturday.

Scoring thirty, Doncic was efficient from the field and made his impact on the game in a clear manner.

Clearly the game was an adjustment for both sides, as taking on the presence of Luka presents a whole different challenge.

Having said that, they need to go back to the film room and make sure to scheme a game plan to make their offense less predictable in Game Five.

Utah has a lifeguard thrown at them heading into these last 3 games, and Dallas best not let that last through these next two.

Prediction - Dallas Mavericks take the game, and make a firm hold on the series with a 3 games to two lead. Luka Doncic and Brunson will combine for big games, and put the unconvincing Jazz in their place.

Brooklyn Nets Versus Boston Celtics - Game 4 - April 27th, 2022

Brooklyn is in an all-time low scenario, and the pre-season title favorites do not know where to go from here.

Kevin Durant is not playing to the standard of his abilities, and his poor play has cost the Nets for-sure two games, and possibly three if really inspecting.

Kyrie Irving is not helping either, though, and after game one has significantly decreased in confidence and scoring prowess like his fellow superstar, KD.

Steve Nash will need to implement a new form of defense, as the Celtics are getting the freest looks to the basket.

This series might be over but forcing a Game Five would mean everything for KD and Kyrie. Full on desperation mode, with the possibility of Ben Simmons coming back as well.

Jayson Tatum and his Boston Celtics are looking to be legitimate contenders to win the NBA championship this season.

After sitting in a play-in seed for the middle part of the season, the hottest team in the NBA has continued its play into the playoffs.

#1 Rated in defensive efficency, Ime Udokah has got his boys playing with full power and aggression.

On top of this, their confidence levels are rising by the minute. Boston will want to close it out in four, although they aren’t going to be insanely worried about this game.

Prediction - Nets win this game and force the series to go back to Boston for a game 5. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have to do better at some point, right?