NBA Playoffs Preview - May 1-7

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The 2022 NBA playoffs are now in the Conference Semi Finals stage and the stakes are increasing by the day.

Both Eastern and Western sides have very capable dogs in the fight, and there could not be a more entertaining set of sporting matches than the ones we are about to see unfold.

Hunger, passion, and drive will all be key factors in determining which of these teams gets to move onto the last four, but for now, we are going to see a chess match of strategy between coaches and rosters.

Key storylines including injuries and rivalries will be imperative to look out for. Let’s dive into this week’s slate of games in the ever-growing National Basketball Association.

Milwaukee Bucks Versus Boston Celtics Game 2, Tuesday May 3rd, 2022

Bucks fans will feel very accomplished after a strong game one that saw them dispose of Boston the way no team had beforehand.

There is a certain aura around Giannis that at the moment, makes him the best player in the world.

Everything he does both on the offensive and defensive end is spectacular and leading his team to victories.

Even without their star man in Khris Middleton, the Bucks are looking to let the world know that they are still the top contenders for an NBA championship.

Game One was a huge victory for them, and they will take the gamble to see if they can win another Celtics Home Game this Tuesday.

Jayson Tatum and the Celtics did not have a regular performance this past Sunday.

The lack of rhythm and ability to get easy shots really forced a different hand.

Against the Brooklyn Nets, Boston had no problem getting the shot of their choice due to poor defense.

However, this series will be completely different and the clear gap in hard work will be evident.

The Bucks are not the Nets, and if the Celtics want to advance, they need to wake up with a win in game two.

Conclusion - Take the Celtics Money line in what should be an adjustment game for the Green, looking to take them level games in the series.

Philadelphia 76ers versus Miami Heat Game 1, Monday May 2nd, 2022

Joel Embiid will feel hard done by his injuries, but especially in this postseason.

After making sure his conditioning and health were at their peak, his luck with setbacks has been pitiful.

The 76ers will need to assess their game plan and adjust to how and when Embiid can play.

Doc Rivers is going to need to master a style that promotes the team winning, as well as make sure Joel can get healthy.

Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat played their first-round matchup against the Atlanta Hawks and proved once again that his team are some dogs ready to come for it all this postseason.

The quality of defensive playstyle and shot making from Miami make them hard to beat for any team in the East.

However, this becomes easier when we emphasize the biggest injury for the Sixers in Embiid. Look for Erik Spoelstra to create some havoc and make sure his Miami team gets this game one dub.

Conclusion - Miami Heat Spread in a game that the sixers will not be ready for, whatsoever.