NFL 2021 – Wild Card Weekend Betting Tips

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Welcome to Wild Card Weekend! Instead of our usual five games in five nights, we will be focusing on all six of the NFL matches this week. With that said, we will have predictions for the two Saturday games, the three Sunday games and the Monday Night Playoff game. We are striving for perfection here so don’t miss out on our six game multi! Best of luck everyone and lets get ready for some NFL Playoff football!

NFL – Las Vegas Raiders @ Cincinnati Bengals

The NFL Playoffs start off with the Las Vegas Raiders heading into cold Cincinnati to play the explosive Cincinnati Bengals. While the Raiders are one of the hottest teams in the league, we believe that these icy temperatures will play a major role in cooling them down. The Raiders are on a four-game win steak where all their wins were extremely close. Three of their last four games came down to last second field goal kicks. Unfortunately for them, we believe their season will come to an end against a very talented Bengals team. The Bengals have one of the most explosive offenses in all of football. Joe Burrow is a proven winner and has played on the biggest stage in College Football. We don’t expect any big game butterflies for him against a Raiders team that is lacking a lot of Playoff experience themselves. Therefore, we expect the Bengals to not only win but to cover the five-point spread. The Raiders have showed a lot of toughness to get this far, but we believe Derrick Carr will fall short in his first NFL Playoff game. West coast teams that head north in January are always susceptible to the inclement weather. On top of that, the Raiders are a dome team heading to the frigid outdoors. This spells disaster for them and the Bengals should easily be able to cover the spread.

Selection:  Cincinnati Bengals -5 @ 1.89

NFL – New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills

We have the pleasure to watch the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills battle it out for the third time in six weeks on Saturday Night. This game will feature extremely cold weather with the mercury hitting just around 4 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 degrees Celsius). While the wind won’t be a factor like it was in early December between these squads, the temperature will definitely play a role. With that said, we expect the Patriots to go back to running the ball down the Buffalo Bills throat. Ball control, short passes and keeping the Bills explosive offense on the sideline is the only way that the Patriots have a shot in winning this game. Unfortunately for them, they are facing a very hungry Buffalo team that has Super Bowl aspirations. Josh Allen has a lot of Playoff Experience for a young quarterback and should be able to handle the cold weather efficiently. As hard as it is to bet against Bill Belichick in the Playoffs, we believe that the Bills will pull out an extremely close win here. The Patriots had a wonderful season with their rookie quarterback but the road will come to an end for them here. We expect the Patriots to play tough and fight hard throughout the game while limiting their turnovers. Unfortunately for them, they will come up a tad short. Take them to cover the +4 point spread in what should be a extremely entertaining football game that comes down to the wire.

Selection:  New England Patriots +4 @ 1.93

NFL – Philadelphia Eagles @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are looking to win back to back Championships and start off their quest against the Philadelphia Eagles. A good rule of thumb over the past 20 years is to not bet against Tom Brady in the Playoffs. As obvious as that may sound, many people love to bet against the GOAT at the time he shines the most. Don’t fall into this trap with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are a terrible 9-8 football team that are completely one dimensional. They are 0-6 against Playoff teams this season and have beaten one team with a winning record this year. Jalen Hurts will be playing in his first NFL Playoff game and we believe he will struggle tremendously. Despite the Antonio Brown controversy and the injuries on the defence side of the ball, we are very confident that Tom Brady will easy cruise to victory at home against this Eagles team. Lay the 7.5 points and expect the Patriots to have that covered by halftime. Things will get a lot tougher next round for the Buccaneers but they should have no problem demolishing the Eagles at home in warm Tampa Bay. Don’t overthink this one. Selection:  Tampa Bay Buccaneers -7.5 @ 1.91

NFL – San Francisco 49ers @ Dallas Cowboys

The San Francisco 49ers found themselves down 17-0 to the Los Angeles Rams and pulled off an amazing comeback that got them into the Playoffs. Winners of four of their last five, these 49ers are a team that no NFC opponent’s wanted to see in the Playoffs. The 49ers are a team that loves to run the ball and play smash mouth football. When the 49ers are playing turnover free football, they are by far one of the best teams in the NFL. We believe that Kyle Shanahan will have his team prepared for this game and will find many exploits in the Dallas defence. Though Dallas has a 12-5 record, they really haven’t beaten any quality opponents. Other than an early season overtime victory to the New England Patriots, the Cowboys made a living off beating bad teams and losing to good teams. Their offense can be hit or miss and their defence is susceptible to big plays. As good of a feel good story it is for Dak Prescott to be back in the Playoffs after his horrific injury, we believe that the 49ers will not only cover the +3.5 point spread but win outright against these overrated Cowboys. The 49ers are built for the Playoffs. They play great defence and run a ton of complicated offensive schemes that can milk clock and control the line of scrimmage. Therefore we believe as long as they don’t make any boneheaded turnovers, that the 49ers will go into Dallas and pull off the upset. Selection:  San Francisco 49ers +3.5 @ 1.87

NFL – Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs

The Pittsburgh Steelers are miraculously In the Playoffs. Do they belong here? No. Are there better teams that are at home watching these games on their couches? Yes. With all the jokes surrounding the Steelers, they are ultimately in the Playoffs and squaring off against the Kansas Chiefs who just destroyed them three weeks ago. This will most likely be Big Ben’s last game as a NFL Quarterback and we expect the Steelers to play with a ton of pride here. Do we expect them to pull the outright upset? Not at all. The Chiefs are healthy and should make a deep run in the Playoffs. 12.5 points is a lot of points to be giving up to a team that literally has no pressure on them. No one expected them to be here. Big Ben even joked about it recently that they are just going to come out and play fun football. With that said, we are throwing all the statistics of the regular season out the window. A team with no pressure that has a ton of Playoff experience should not be getting 12.5 points. While we think the Chiefs will easily win this game, the Steelers could get a couple touchdowns at the end of the game to ultimately back door the spread. Thus we recommend taking the Steelers at +12.5 and expecting a closer than expected outcome. We’ve seen weirder things happen just last week, so take the cushion with the points and enjoy the end of a legacy with Big Ben.

Selection:  Pittsburgh Steelers +12.5 @ 1.90

NFL – Arizona Cardinals @ Los Angeles Rams

Welcome to Monday Night Football – Playoff Edition! What a treat for all of us to have a NFL Playoff game on Monday Night. This matchup features the free falling Arizona Cardinals against the built for the Playoffs Los Angeles Rams. The Cardinals are a complete mess. A team that started off 7-0 managed to only win four of their last ten games. Injuries have completely killed this team and we have no faith that Kyler Murray can carry this team on his back. Kliff Kingsbury was known to have hot starts in college that ended in disappointments. The NFL has been no different for him and we believe that he will be out coached by Sean McVay. The Rams are full of Superstars on both sides of the ball and were made for the Playoffs. Despite them losing to the 49ers, we believe that they will be completely ready for this matchup. Though Matthew Stafford is 0-3 in the Playoffs, this should be his coming out party. The Rams got him for exactly this situation and we believe Matthew Stafford will have a great game. Don’t get fooled here and believe in the Cardinals 8-1 road record. The Rams will dominate this game from start and finish and should easily cover the 3.5 point spread here. This is our favourite game of the week, so we highly recommend tailing it!

Selection:  Los Angeles Rams -3.5 @ 1.90

While we didn’t hit our multi for the regular season, we are trying our best to make up for it in the Playoffs. This multi pays 46/1 as it has six teams. Best of luck everyone and enjoy the Playoffs! View this weeks Multi Slip