NHL Playoffs Preview: Eastern and Western Conference Finals Game 3

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We are set to continue with Game 3 of the NHL Playoffs, and both of these series, similarly to the NBA are in some dire straits.

Two of the favourites heading into the series are now facing elimination very quickly, and with only a few games left on the ticking time bomb, they must act now.

Both the Hurricanes and Stars have succumbed to a two-game deficit due to some sloppy play, and all four games have gone to Overtime in both series, which is something that you’ll very rarely see again.

The quality of play has been high, and the goalkeeping has been immense.

Because of these factors, the pace and scoring ability has slowed down greatly, even taking some time to catch up back to the average in the process.

Without a doubt these playoffs and series are not done yet, but with a two-game deficit, you have to play every game like it is your last.

We have plenty of all-stars remaining, so let’s check out the game three matchups available for you to bet on Stake.com!

Carolina Hurricanes @ Florida Panthers – Game 3 (Series 0-2) – Monday, May 22nd

Look out from below as the Carolina Hurricanes are rapidly dropping out of the NHL playoffs if they do not get their act together, soon.

Brent Burns and his squad have performed severely inconsistently during this series, and although they had multiple chances to win both games, now find themselves in a big hole.

Heading to Florida and making amends will be difficult, and nothing will come easy now.

The defence of the Hurricanes has held up in a big way throughout the past few games, but there is a lack of anything opportunistic on the offensive side of the ice.

Powerplays and gaining advantages in the offensive zone has become nearly impossible for the Canes, and they cannot play a full game in control of the puck.

Florida is looking great and ready to come into a Stanley Cup final, and they have been deserving of the job since the playoffs have started.

The Panthers are truly one of the biggest Cindarella stories of the season in any sport and are going to be happy with their performance so far.

It is not finished yet, though, and they have a real opportunity to take over this series in Game 3 .

It will be another nail-biter, and will likely come down to the final period or once again, OT.

Betting Prediction - Panthers moneyline and the under on total goals.

Vegas Golden Knights @ Dallas Stars - Game 3 – (Series 2-0) Tuesday, May 23rd

After a horrible giveaway in both of their first two games, the Stars are finding themselves in a precarious position similar to Carolina.

They now return home however, to their own ice and look to get their returns back on the VGK.

Jason Robertson looks to be back into form scoring a goal this past weekend, but the rest of the team has been slacking in other areas.

They should be at the very least tied on 1-1 games, but costly mistakes in OT have been a constant theme of these Conference finals.

Meanwhile, VGK is taking every chance they are handed, and look to be in control of the series.

Only having to win two now, they are licking their chops at a potential Stanley Cup final return and will be relying on Marchessault and Eichel to take them there in the meantime.

Prediction - Dallas wins game three and the over on total goals.

13 अप्रैल 2024
सेकंड ब्रेक
Ottawa Senators - Montreal Canadiens
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )
सेकंड ब्रेक
Toronto Maple Leafs - Detroit Red Wings
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )
14 अप्रैल 2024
फर्स्ट ब्रेक
Pittsburgh Penguins - Boston Bruins
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )
39 ' सेकंड पीरियड
Nashville Predators - Columbus Blue Jackets
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )
शुरू 55 मिनट में
Edmonton Oilers - Vancouver Canucks
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )

2:30 am

Los Angeles Kings - Anaheim Ducks
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )

2:30 am

San Jose Sharks - Minnesota Wild
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )

5:00 pm

St. Louis Blues - Seattle Kraken
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )

7:30 pm

Vegas Golden Knights - Colorado Avalanche
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )

10:00 pm

Chicago Blackhawks - Carolina Hurricanes
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )