Sergio Aguero: Why Lionel Messi didn’t follow Cristiano Ronaldo to Saudi Arabia

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What were your thoughts on Lionel Messi’s move to Inter Miami and would he have been tempted to head to Saudi Arabia?

Kun Agüero: Well, I think that at the end of this stage, with the age that Leo and Cristiano are, and many players aged 32 and 33 maybe they are tired of so much demand to be at a high level, and I think that Leo opted for him and his family to be well and to be able to play as relaxed as possible; and in the other case if he had been playing in Europe, obviously that the requirement is different and so he can’t play his last years the way he wanted, which is to enjoy, right?

And obviously I think that between Miami and Saudi Arabia, I think he chose Miami for convenience. Miami is a nice place, there is a strong Latino population, and I think he also saw it from the family side, which I think they can fit quite well in Miami, and in Saudi it can be more complicated, right?

I think he saw nothing more than that, and well after that it’s each one’s decisions, but Cristiano maybe he’s a different player than Leo and he has made a decision to go to Saudi for other reasons that he will surely know about, but in the end after all knowing Leo I know more or less which way he comes from, I don’t know Cristiano very well and I can’t say his reasons either.

Can Lionel Messi lead Inter Miami to glory alongside Sergio Busquets?

Kun Agüero: Well, yes, we know what Messi is like being in a team and Inter Miami needed players of that style because they were not having a good time in the League.

And with the arrival of Leo and Busquets right now the team has changed, I think they have won three in a row and that shows that they can really make a difference, and yes, they can fight for the League.

Leo is very eager, and you can tell, with Leo Messi being in a team they are a candidate to win a title, right?

Will Pep Guardiola be worried about Arsenal’s massive investments in the transfer window?

Kun Agüero: Well, I think that Manchester City in the end has already made the investments that perhaps Arsenal is making today. City has been making large investments for more or less 15 years.

So, I think that now Arsenal is doing the same as the City did in 2011.

Arsenal needed a good investment, because we all know that Arsenal does not make such high investments for reasons of structure and organisation of its club, which does not allow such large purchases.

Well maybe now they have changed their minds, I don’t know, and they are going to try to find a good team to fight against the City.

I think that City is superior to everyone in the Premier League.

As we can see, they usually beat any team with a lot of advantage and I think that the only one that played against them last year, last season was Arsenal, and for that very reason they are strengthening themselves.

City in the end has nothing to fear, it is a team that is ready, Guardiola already knows how he wants to play, and the players already understand the way of playing, so City will always end up fighting in the Premier League because they have the players, and they already have the structure set up that maybe other teams haven’t done it yet.

What did you make of Ilkay Gündoğan’s move to Barcelona and how will Mateo Kovacic fit into City’s setup?

Kun Agüero: Well on one side I know Ilkay Gündoğan, and I think that Barcelona have done well in bringing him in.

He is a midfielder, who has a very good standing, and besides that he is a midfielder with a lot of goals, perhaps Gündoğan reminds me a bit of Cesc Fabregas; a midfielder who has very good control, very good technique and tends to assist a lot and score goals.

Perhaps Gündoğan is a little more in the area, and I already saw since he is in Barcelona, Xavi knows Gündoğan’s game well and I think he will be very important for Barcelona.

Now at City there is Kovacic who recently arrived, he played for Chelsea. I think that City is not going to strengthen a lot, maybe they will bring another player out there, or maybe none.

But, I believe all the teams except for City, are trying to strengthen themselves because City has to maintain the Champions League and it is not known what will happen.

Although the Champions League is not easy, I think City took a load off their shoulders by finally winning it.

And now they are going to have the peace of mind having won it and it could be very important for them next year to win the Champions League.

What do you make of the rumours that Kyle Walker will head to Bayern Munich?

Kun Agüero: Walker is a very important player for City and he’s important, but I think Guardiola likes to change players and try new ones.

I think it is also because of City’s way of playing and now you don’t need that much from Kyle Walker.

So perhaps surely knowing Guardiola, this is when he would have told the club that if he can move him, it would be better, as he might not count on him next season.

After all, it is a decision for him to make if he wants to go or not.

But I think that in any case, they might need him both as a starting player or as a substitute, because he is a player who covers you a lot when you need to attack as he has great pace, he is also a player who, in case of having fast rivals, is important at that moment.

He can still be useful for Manchester City, I think.

I hope he doesn’t go by a miracle, because City may need him in some games of that characteristic.

What do you think we can expect from Phil Foden this season?

Kun Agüero: Phil Foden for me is one of the best players I’ve ever played with, and I‘ve played with many very good players, but Phil surprised me a lot since he was very young because I met him when he started to ascend at the age of 16/17 years old to the first team.

He had that talent that others at 16/17 years old don't have.

And what surprised me the most was his control, his technique and maybe his ability and start that he has in those first three/ four metres that maybe you see him on TV and think he’s not that fast but being on the field with a control, usually takes that advantage of the three metres that does more damage.

I think he must stay calm because in the end Guardiola is a coach like that.

Let’s remember many players like Laporte who have had two years in the starting line up.

Also, there’s Riyad Mahrez or Sterling, who were starters for three years. Then they never played.

Kyle Walker until two years ago was the first choice right-back and today, he is not.

Bernardo Silva when he barely arrived at City, he played the first games, then for one or two years he didn’t play as much and then now he is an undisputable player.

Guardiola is a coach who knows how to read the moments of the players, and with Guardiola the only thing you need is patience and wait for your time.

Phil Foden is very young and has a lot to prove and so I think that this year could be quite useful for Guardiola.

Grealish also played very little the first year and started his season also not playing in the starting eleven, and ended up starting every game and having a good season.

What do you think we can expect from Mauricio Pochettino at Chelsea this season?

Kun Agüero: Well, obviously Pochettino knows the Premier League well. I remember the times we had to play against his team, it was hard.

I think he can do good things for the team since he already knows a lot about how the Premier League works and that's a good advantage because sometimes coaches who go there for the first time don’t know and it usually costs them a little more.

For Guardiola himself, the first year he came to England, it cost him, and he understood the way in which the Premier League is played and the following year he modified it and from there we did not stop winning.

So, I think that on that side Pochettino plays in his favour because he knows the league a lot and I think he can also fight in the top positions.