Stanley Cup Play Offs Weekly Preview - May 23-29

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The National Hockey League playoffs are some of the best, and most intense games in the sporting world.

The North American region has grown to love the game’s most atmospheric time, and the competition that grows from both teams and fanbases.

Going down a few games in the series has become a common occurrence for a few teams in these quarterfinals games.

Adjustments will be key to watch out for, as both conferences have series that could easily be over in a week’s time.

Defensive play has been a worry for most, if not every team in the playoffs, and when that’s emphasized, there will be goals scored from all angles. has all your NHL betting needs covered, and the best promos to keep you winning!

Eastern Conference Semi Finals - Game Four - Carolina Hurricanes @ New York Rangers - Tuesday, May 24,2022

Carolina is in a great position after picking up the first two games in what has been a very lopsided series thus far.

The defensive ability the Hurricanes play with has been one of the best so far in these playoffs, and the intensity seems to increase as time goes on.

The Hurricanes have only allowed one goal through two games, and are relying heavily on the back line to come up with some stops that can turn into goals on the offensive end.

Hurricane press should be weaker when heading into this game away, but that doesn’t mean someone else won’t pick up the slack.

The New York Rangers need to find solutions fast, and with success.

After being limited to season-low totals in power plays, shots on goal, and possession rates, there is clear lack of urgency over these first two games.

Rangers have the talent to compete with Carolina, but there is not a whole lot of tactical uptrends that has been shown to start this series.

Only in due time will we tell whether or not the Rangers can fix their mistakes, but the two-game home stand should do some help to their overall confidence.

Prediction - Rangers Money Line in a desperation game that will see them squeak by.

Western Conference Semi Finals - Game Four - Colorado Avalanche @ St. Louis Blues - Monday, May 23rd, 2022

The Colorado Avalanche are still the best team in the NHL, and their clutch gene is now showing up at the brightest of times for them. Hands-on favorites to win the cup by many this year, Colorado has some of the best offensive statistics in history in the ice rink.

However, they can lose a rare bout of focus every once in a while and can cause them to have lapses of bad play.

The Avalanche have really cleaned up in that department this playoffs and look to sweep the first two away games against the Blues, which would see them advancing without a doubt.

St. Louis has had a great season up to this point, and a hearty series against the Avalanche truly puts them in a position to see where they lie.

A team with a mixed bag roster, the Blues know that they have a chance every time they step foot in the area, but depending on what form of their execution shows up, it could be a bad thing as well.

Prediction - Avalanche Money Line and Puck Line in an anxious game four.