UEFA Champions League 2022 Group Stage: Matchday 3 Preview

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Champions League action is back for everyone to enjoy, and the Inter-continental competitions have finally commenced once again.

There is a lot of work for most teams to do in the month of October and succeeding with a few points in this week of the Champions League would do wonders for their goals.

In a competition where only the top two of each group are able to advance, there is a huge emphasis on playing each game like it’s your last.

Surprise upsets are a massive draw when it comes to the Champions League, and it really puts some of these lesser-known teams on a bigger stage.

The talent is scattered across the continent of Europe and such a competition can expose some of these players to new eyes.

In matchday three of the Champions League, we will be looking at some of the more crucial matchups that are on the board.

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Inter Milan FC versus Barcelona CF - Group C - October 4th, 2022

Inter Milan fans must be feeling weird about the current season and their hopes for winning the Scudetto in their native Serie A.

The squad led by Filippo Inzhagi is currently not playing to the potential that many believed and showed through all last season.

Internazaionale’s squad is one of the most talented in all of Europe, but their form recently has not been up to par.

The squad seems off in more ways than one, when it comes to things like passes through on goal, or defensive drop backs.

There is clearly a lot to work on in this long season for Inter, but they will want to pick up a result here against Barcelona in their own home.

They are tied with the Spaniards for second in their group but need to gain an edge to advance.

Inter will likely want to stop Barcelona’s pacey counters and go one to one with possession with the men in blue and red.

Robert Lewandowski and his team are looking to make things right after a very winnable game at the Munich stadium just over two weeks ago.

The Catalonian side are expected to do big things in the world of football this season and the game against Munich was just a glimpse into their abilities.

With Xavi at the helm, the team is very well-disciplined when it comes to the fundamentals of attacking and defence.

The midfield still has some issues with holding the ball, but other than that the Barcelona project is looking like a hit.

They will be more than confident heading into a match versus Inter this week and for good reasons.

Betting Prediction - This match will feature several premier attackers, so take the over 2.5 goals and 3.5 on the Asian total.

Bayern München FC versus Viktoria Plzen FC - Group C - October 4th, 2022

In another clash between Group C members, Bayern Munich will be taking on Viktoria Plzen to further try and bolster their lead above the rest in their group.

There is a ton of confidence from the German side at the moment and after having a few shaky results in the Bundesliga, they are ready to perform and pick up where they belong.

Plzen will be fighting an uphill battle as the underdogs of the group as a whole and any point taken here will be seen as a win.

They are mostly playing free-flowing football without consequence from this point on, so expect there to be some wacky results when it comes to teams playing against Plzen.

Betting Prediction - The Asian total of over 3.5 goals to hit and the Bayern squad to dominate from the first minute onwards.