Promotional Content 12 अक्तूबर 2023 - 14 अप्रैल 2024

NBA - Lead by 9+ After 3Q, You Win!

Nothing hurts more than watching your team do well all game only to fade out in the last quarter!

Not to worry — we have you covered for the NBA season with our 9+ Lead Payout promotion.

If your Winner (Incl. Overtime) selection is leading by 9 or more points at the end of the 3rd quarter but end up losing, get paid out as a winner up to $100 anyway!

निबंधन और शर्तें

  • Pre-match single bets on Winner (Incl. Overtime) market only
  • First bet per match, per customer, per household
  • Bets must be placed before the scheduled time indicated on
  • Minimum Stake: $5 USD
  • Maximum Payout: $100 USD
  • Payout will be awarded if your selection leads by 9 or more points at the end of 3rd quarter and ends up losing the match
  • In the event that your selection qualifies for both this promotion and the “NBA - Brady’s Two Threes Payout” promotion, you will only be eligible for one payout
  • No cashed out or voided bets will be eligible
  • Backing either team in related markets will result in disqualification from the promotion
  • Please allow up to 48 hours for winnings to be processed and credited
  • Stake reserves the right to disqualify any user due to promotion or account abuse, which may also result in a permanent ban
  • Any user deemed to have a conflict of interest such as a professional association with Stake will also be disqualified
  • Available to users only


2 मार्च 2024
1 ' फोर्थ क्वार्टर
Minnesota Timberwolves - Sacramento Kings
43 ' फर्स्ट क्वार्टर
Chicago Bulls - Milwaukee Bucks
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम)
शुरू 8 मिनट में
LA Clippers - Washington Wizards
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम)

8:00 pm

Brooklyn Nets - Atlanta Hawks
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम)

10:00 pm

Miami Heat - Utah Jazz
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम)
3 मार्च 2024

1:00 am

Memphis Grizzlies - Portland Trail Blazers
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम)

2:00 am

Phoenix Suns - Houston Rockets
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम)