How to Play Dragon Tower on Stake

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How to Play Dragon Tower on Stake Casino

Can you find the dragon’s egg and grab yourself some fiery rewards?

If you like exclusive action at and can hold your nerve, this hot title ticks all the boxes.

What is Dragon Tower?

Dragon Tower is a fast-paced Stake Originals game where you guess where a virtual dragon egg is hidden to try to work your way up the tower and win cash prizes and multipliers .

The more correct guesses, the higher your advance on the tower and the bigger your win will be. You can cash out at any time, but if you elect to play on and miss the egg on the next level, you lose the lot.

Dragon Tower is a fair game that’s been independently tested for randomness, meaning you always have a chance of winning, although it’s never guaranteed.

Basics & Game Overview

Playing Dragon Tower is simple – you aim to work your way up a ladder, revealing dragon eggs along the way, to determine how much you’ll win. You can move up by correctly predicting where the dragon eggs will appear on each of the rows.

If you guess right, you move up the tower to the next level and are awarded a multiplier. You can also cash out and take your win rather than trying to guess where the egg is on the next level.

The gameplay is very basic, and the focus is not on visuals, unlike video slots . Don’t expect HD graphics, 3D characters, or bright colors when you play Dragon Tower - it concentrates entirely on the gameplay and chances to win. There are a few animated graphics on the lines if you don’t find a dragon egg, but overall simplicity is key here.

How Do You Play Dragon Tower?

The first step towards playing Dragon Tower is creating your Stake Casino account. Once that’s done, select one of our accepted cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies and add funds to your account. Visit our games lobby and head to the Stake Originals section, where you’ll find Dragon Tower.

Once you’ve opened up the game, you can play for various amounts; enter the bet size you’d like to play for.

Now that you’ve placed your bet, all you need to do is click on one of the tiles on the first level of the game grid. If you reveal a dragon egg, you’ll move up to the next level, where you can do the same thing again, and this sequence will continue as long as you’re guessing correctly.

You can cash out at any time or choose to continue, but if you guess wrong and reveal a tile without a dragon egg, you lose the whole thing.

If you prefer, you can autoplay by selecting the option on the screen. You can set the number of bets you want to place, and reset based on wins, losses, or profits. When you use the autoplay feature, the computer will pick locations on the grid for you rather than you choosing manually.

Dragon Tower Game Mechanics

The overall mechanics of the game are very simple—you’ll win if you click on the tile with a dragon egg hidden behind it. In fact, it’s a little like the old game Minesweeper from 90s PCs, or our Mines casino game , but in reverse, because in the case of Dragon Tower, you do want to land on the egg.

There’s not just one dragon egg hidden in each row. So, for example, if you’re playing in Easy mode, eggs might be hidden behind three of the four tiles on each row. If you change the difficulty, the number of eggs might decrease.

What are the Advanced Features of Dragon Tower?

The default mode for the game is a difficulty level of “Easy”, but you can change this and select Medium, Hard, Expert, or Master level if you prefer.

When you change the difficulty level, the size of the game grid changes and the number of dragon eggs on each line changes, making it easier or more difficult to predict where the eggs will be.

The more advanced levels also have bigger multipliers, so if you are lucky enough to predict correctly, you’ll have a bigger win.

Payout Odds

The house edge for Dragon Tower is 2%, which means that the theoretical RTP is 98%. Your payout is determined mainly by the multipliers you’ve achieved at lower levels of the tower and the level you’re playing on.

If you’re playing on the lowest level of the tower on Easy mode, the payout is 1.31x your stake, and it can go up to 13.05x if you get to the top.

If you’re playing in Master mode, a correct prediction at the bottom of the tower will result in a payout of 3.92x your stake, and if you make it to the top, the payout will be a massive 256,901.12x.

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