Conquer the Casino? How?

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If you played on Stake during the latter stages of 2020, then you’ll know of the $3000 casino promotion that is run weekly called ‘Conquer the Casino’.

In this promotion, we select 10 third party provider slot games and if you can get the highest multiplier or the biggest payday on a game, you can earn a share in the prizepool!

But with this being a fairly new promotion, we can appreciate that some of you guys may not fully understand the promotion.

In this article, we’ll go into detail about how you can win and how we select our games.

Let’s start with the latter.

How do we select the games?

Every week, we are notified of new games that will be made available to play across each day of that week. These games can be made by various different providers, namely Pragmatic Play, Play’NGo, RedTiger and many more.

We will select 10 games from this list of new releases and once the previous week of games has concluded, the next week begins straight away (every new week of games begins at 00:00 GMT on Friday).

Most of the time, we will exclusively use new release games. However on occasion, we will surprise you guys with older slots that weren’t previously on site!

This bit is important. In the event we have a list of more than 10 games (which is most weeks), make sure you check the promotions page to know which games are a part of the promotion for that week. Only 10 games per week will be used, so if you hit a high multiplier or get a big payday on a new release slot game that’s not part of the promotion, you will not be a winner. That’s not to say don’t play the other games anyway!

A link to the promotions page (which will have the full list of updated games each week) can be found here .

How do I hit the highest multiplier or the biggest payday?

Thanks to a very new and awesome innovation by Stake’s developers, we can now track the absolute highest multipliers and biggest paydays across all games on site!

Take a look at the above screenshot. As you can see, there are tabs below each game’s categories that you can view to see these stats.

Here, we can see minydoc was lucky enough to hit a 2,797.32x multiplier on Sweet Bonanza, which has him at the top of the Lucky Win leaderboard.

If you have a look at the above screenshot, you can see that for Book of Dead, TeuferS was lucky enough to hit a $128,000 payday!

These two tabs track the relevant stats for the Conquer the Casino promotion. Note: every game used in the promotion will have never been played on site before, meaning it’s fair game for everyone!

How is the prizepool split up?

This is perhaps the simplest part of this guide!

The prizepool works very simply. If you manage to hit the Lucky Win on an eligible game before 00:00 GMT every Friday, you will get a $100 coupon!

If you hit the Big Win on an eligible game before the aforementioned time, you will get a coupon to the value of $200!

Basically, it equals out to $300 each game and for the 10 games, $3000 total. The coupons are made available to the winners soon after the new set of games have been released.


To sum it all up, our Conquer the Casino promotion is a fantastic way to not just play for shares in $3000 each week, but you can play some of the newest games in the industry before anyone else!

Our new set of games are set to be launched tomorrow, so if you want a piece of the action, be ready once it turns over to Friday GMT!