How to Play Plinko on Stake

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How to Play Plinko on Stake Casino

Plinko is an entertaining release from Stake Originals offering easy-to-follow gameplay and a max win potential of 1,000x. This guide takes you through how to play, your customisation options and the payouts you can expect.

If you’re a new player at Stake Casino, we always recommend you explore the detailed how-to guides on our blog for tips on playing the various games available on our platform and links to other games with similar rules that you might enjoy.

Keep reading to find out more about playing Plinko at Stake Casino today.

What is Plinko?

Plinko is a straightforward yet highly enjoyable online casino game exclusive to and is one of the most popular Stake Originals titles released to date.

The game is played on a game board with a pyramid of pins descending through pre-determined rows to pots at the bottom containing multiplier prizes.

The gameplay has basic rules. When you hit the bet button, a ball is released at the top of the pyramid and drops through the rows, ricocheting off the pins as it journeys down into one of the prize pots below. Wherever it lands, the multiplier prize is awarded.

This simple game is inspired by the popular Japanese arcade game Pachinko, which has proven very popular among online casino players. It can also be found in one form or another in several popular titles, such as Evolution Gaming ’s live-hosted game show titles here at

Enjoy customisable gameplay as you select your risk level and game board size to create different payout rates in the prize pots below. In the various board configurations available, multiplier values are always higher the further towards the left and right of the board.

Basics & Game Overview

One of the aspects of the Plinko title that makes it so popular is that you can set the gameplay yourself. You choose the risk level, either low, medium or high, and the number of rows between 8 and 16 before you start the game.

When you’re ready to start, select your bet size in the designated field within the betting station panel before hitting the bet button to trigger your first ball drop.

Another key aspect of gameplay is setting the speed: You don’t have to wait for one ball to drop before you launch another, so you can end up with multiple balls dropping at once, colliding with one another as much as they collide with the pins on the board.

When you change the risk level, you will see it alters the multiplier values displayed in the pots at the bottom. Lower-risk games have a capped potential payout value, so if you are aiming for that top prize, high risk is what will get you there. The risk setting and the number of pins are directly linked to one another.

Plinko Game Mechanics

As with all Stake Originals titles, Plinko is a game of chance. It was designed using a random number generator algorithm to ensure completely random and entirely fair outcomes for each game round played. This provably fair system utilises a user-settable client seed in conjunction with a server seed. It’s a complicated maths model but can be tested via third-party websites.

Read more about our provably fair system and what it means for your gameplay over on the Stake blog .

What are the Advanced Features of Plinko?

Aside from the regular gameplay, the Plinko online game offers several advanced features for you to tailor your gameplay experience to suit your needs:

1. Auto Mode

This is a simplified version compared to what you find in other Stake Originals game variants, with only the number of balls being dropped being available as an auto-play setting outside of the standard risk level and number of rows.

2. Hotkeys

Enable hotkeys while playing on a desktop computer to use the keyboard to control your game. The fastest way to drop consecutive balls is to keep your finger pressed down on the spacebar.

3. Instant Bet

The instant bet feature is a no-visual fluff version of the Plinko game that gives you instant results at the click of a button for those who enjoy faster gameplay or want to save on bandwidth.

Payout Odds

Remember, multipliers less than 1x are loss multipliers. This exciting casino game is about bankroll management as you seek higher payouts. The fewer multipliers below 1 you hit, the lower the bankroll required to maintain your float as you wait to hit that generous max win.

The table below shows the multiplier ranges possible for the different setting combinations available while playing Plink

Number of Rows Low Risk Medium Risk High Risk
8 0.50x – 5.60x 0.40x – 13.00x 0.20x – 29.00x
9 0.70x – 5.60x 0.50x – 18.00x 0.20x – 43.00x
10 0.50x – 8.90x 0.40x – 22.00x 0.20x – 76.00x
11 0.70x – 8.40x 0.50x – 24.00x 0.20x – 120.00x
12 0.50x – 10.00x 0.30x – 33.00x 0.20x – 170.00x
13 0.70x – 8.10x 0.40x – 43.00x 0.20x – 260.00x
14 0.50x – 7.10x 0.20x – 58.00x 0.20x – 420.00x
15 0.70x – 15.00x 0.30x – 88.00x 0.20x – 620.00x
16 0.50x – 16.00x 0.50x – 110.00x 0.20x – 1000.00x

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