March Madness Semi Finals Preview: San Diego State versus Florida Atlantic

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The NCAA Men’s final four is here and we have four teams who are ready to leave it all out on the court for a potential spot in the Championship Game.

The NCAA’s always deliver a magic vibe and a great story to the final, regardless of who makes it there.

A tough road to even get to the tournament in the first place, these teams have done well all season long and are here as a result of their work ethic and ability to ball.

Many of the one seeds in the March Madness tournament have been eliminated, and these four teams could be absolutely historical for their colleges.

Making sure that there is a plan and strategy for the last few minutes has been crucial in this tournament, as things tend to go south for leading teams.

Each game in the past week or so has been decided by just a few crucial plays, and the endings have been heartbreaking.

Devastating to the last whistle, these teams will need to tighten up and make defensive stops without fouling, as well as make clutch shots down the stretch.

Let’s look at our first matchup for this weekend, the SDSU Aztecs versus the FAU Owls. will have all the selections and lines open for you to bet on for the rest of the NCAA tourney, check us out now!

San Diego State versus Florida Atlantic

Why Can San Diego State Win?

San Diego State has done immensely well to get to this point and are certainly not looking to stop here.

The Aztecs are reigning MWC Champions and have a ton of talent on both sides of the ball.

Brian Dutcher leads the crew and is having a wildly successful year after a few years of SDSU underperformance.

This Aztec team prides itself on the defensive end, and some might even say that they reflect the best defensive ability in the country.

There have been very few teams who have been able to impose their will on the attacking end of the court, making it hard for them to pull away from SDSU.

SDSU came into this tournament as a #5 seed, and are more looking like a #1 seed, the more games they play.

They have legitimate NBA level defensive schemes and are going to be well-prepared for FAU.

Their woes will lie on the offensive end, and that’s where FAU can possibly capitalize.

Why Can Florida Atlantic Win?

FAU is one of the most underrated teams in the country and they sit a modest record of 34 wins to three losses.

Their conference has been vastly underlooked by the country and committee, and this team surely is one of the best in the country.

Balanced in both offensive and defensive attacks, FAU will crash the boards and make SDSU try to take forced, contested shots.

FAU has length, athleticism, and ability to make shots.

There are going to be more opportunities for them to stunt SDSU on the defensive end, but they will find that scoring on the offensive end won’t be as easy either.

If FAU can control the tempo and speed the game up just a tad bit, they will be more than happy to partake in the action of this game.

Prediction - SDSU ML and the total under on points in this match.