MLB 2022 Playoffs Weekly Preview - Week 3

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Major League Baseball finds itself in the penultimate stage of its playoffs run, and that means there are the highest stakes possible associated with the outcome of these two series.

Both the American and National League have their top two teams battling it out for a spot in the World Series.

Whoever wins their respective league pennants will be moving onto the biggest stage of the season and will try to do their cities proud.

What has been a crazy, upset-filled dance so far, there is no telling to how much more chaos can commence.

The Championship League series always has produced some crazy games and drama-filled weeks.

Managers of these last four teams will want to make sure their line-ups are polished and ready to go, while their pitching remains rested and hurling the best possible stuff.

Let’s get into analysing both the NLCS and ALCS here on’s blog!

We will have promotions running for all these remaining games and the best odds in the sportsbook game.


New York Yankees @ Houston Astros - Game 1 ALCS - Wednesday, October 19th, 2022

The Yankees are coming off a tough, five-game series against the Guardians which saw them pushed to the brink in all aspects.

Whether it be the offense, pitching duties, or the bullpen, there were multiple times in the series where the Yankees had an advantage and threw it away.

Their season has gotten better towards the end, but the overall consistency from NYY remains to be seen.

MVP Aaron Judge is not having the best of playoffs and if his team wants to have a chance against the World Series favourites, he and his squad will need to turn it around fast.

The Astros will be less forgiving than the Guardians and expect there to be some absolute domination if the Yankees cannot hang.

Houston is currently rocking in style, after their beloved baseball squad swept the Mariners in three games just this past week.

They are clearly the best team in baseball at the moment and nothing seems to stop them. Yordan Alvarez, Jose Altuve, Jeremy Pena and many others have stepped up to the plate this year and have contributed big time to the top offense in the MLB.

Although not always hitting home runs, Houston has a smart approach to the plate and can oftentimes get on base better than any other team out there.

They will not be intimidated by this Yankees team and having beaten them multiple times already this season, it seems that much of the same is to be continued.

Conclusion - Houston Astros -1.5 and the Money line as the train continues to choo choo and find ways to advance.

Philadelphia Phillies @ San Diego Padres - Game 2 NLCS - Wednesday October 19th, 2022

Philadelphia and San Diego are in the mix for a World Series spot, which is not something that either franchise could have expected, dating back two months ago.

These two teams are the hottest teams in baseball now, and their pride has taken them to a very deep place in the playoff run.

The Phillies faithful are loving the explosion of their offense currently and Bryce Harper looks to take revenge on the team that put him down for a few months with an injury.

The Padres on the other hand have eliminated the Dodgers from WS contention, who are their bitter arch-rivals and possibly the best team in the MLB this year.

There is a clear aura that is surrounding this Padres squad and they are destined for big things if they can keep their head together.

Conclusion - Take the Phillies on the road for game two of this underdog series in the NL!