MLB 2022 Weekly Preview - October 3 - 8

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Wrapping up the Major League Baseball season with week 27 in the wings, we look back on what has been one of the more competitive 162 game slates to date.

There has been a wide variety of teams that have stepped up to plate in a big way, reflecting some of the unexpected results this season.

The impact of this new breed of players has changed the trajectory of the game for the next decade to come, and we are so excited for the potential the league has to offer.

In this final week of the regular season, teams are all going to be exerting their efforts, putting their best foot forward in order to close out the campaign in the best way.

Wild card playoff spots are all for the taking still and the race will come down to these final days for clinching berths.

The final games of the season will be a tough set of matches to grind down, but nonetheless we will have to see some winners and losers.

History will be made and teams will be holding temporary celebrations going into the playoff weekend, and some teams will be sent home packing waiting for another chance in 2023. will have the best bet builders and odds to offer during this ultimate week of the MLB season, and will have you covered coming into the playoffs this weekend as well!


Philadelphia Phillies @ Houston Astros - Monday, October 3rd, 2022

There are so many factors surrounding the success of the Phillies heading into the postseason, and a few wins to close out their bumpy ride would be more than welcomed.

Although the Astros are not ideal opposition to end on, the Phillies will be able to test themselves to the maximum level and make some great plays in a bigger atmosphere.

Heading down to Houston will be tough for them, but they have the firepower and recently, the pitching, to overcome the AL giants.

If they can maintain their composure, the Phillies will use this series and game as a building block to potential bigger outcomes in the upcoming weeks.

The Houston Astros are styling into the postseason with another spectacular regular season under their belts.

The former World Series champions are more than capable of making another similar run this year, and they have some of the biggest and brightest talent in the league.

Manager Dusty Baker believes their abilities can go far, but their mentality will be key in deciding how deep they go into the playoffs.

They will be using this series against the Phillies as motivation heading into the crucial time, so expect them to play with that same passion and fire.

Conclusion - Phillies ML in an underdog win at the Houston Astros’ Minute Maid Stadium.

Toronto Blue Jays @ Baltimore Orioles - Wednesday, October 5th, 2022

The Blue Jays will be taking their postseason preparation and seeding to the next level when they face the Baltimore Orioles with an interdivisional rivalry match to boot this week.

There is so much to play for and on the last day, the Blue Jays must field their best efforts.

Without a doubt this game will be scrappy, and the Orioles will want to spoil the party on the very last day of the season after just coming up short.

Expect the competition to be fierce and a ton of emotion to be thrown around when it comes to game time this Wednesday.

Conclusion - Blue Jays ML in the final game of the season for the Toronto squad.