MLB 2023 Weekly Preview - Week 14

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We are now in Week 14 of the MLB season and everything keeps getting better and bigger.

The rivalries in each division are in full fledge brawl mode now and the season as slowly but surely approaching crunch time.

Every player needs to lock in now, and with the all-star break coming in about a month or so, there is no time to waste.

Some of the league’s best teams are not even in playoff contention right now, which speaks volumes to the ability of every ball club out there.

Every day is a battle and there are no “guaranteed” wins in the MLB at this point.

Fighting hard for every out, run, and hit has been truly spectacular to watch, and we are only going to get more emphasis on the impact of these regular season games in the future.

The pitch clock has been adjusted for most pitchers at this point, and there will be more comfort measures as the season progresses.

Hitting has been easy for some, and hard for others.

Luis Arraez currently leads the whole league with a near .400 average, which would be the first time in nearly a century it would be done.

The “juiced ball” era looks completely behind us, but there are many hitters still raking in their fair share.

Let’s get into some of this week’s best matchups on!


Tampa Bay Rays @ Arizona Diamondbacks – Tuesday, June 27th

The Tampa Bay Rays are nowhere near as hot as they were to start the season, but still setting on good pace to try and secure the number one seed within the AL.

Teams are slowly getting back on track to try and challenge them, but for now, they have to focus on what they can control.

The Rays pitching staff has had some bumps along the road this past month, and they are not as consistent as they were showing at the beginning of this season.

Offensive production has also been up and down, and there is really no telling how these teams can play into a day-to-day game without much guessing.

The Rays still have a talented roster and will look to conquer another huge challenge this week when they head into Arizona against the hot Diamondbacks of the NL.

Arizona is living life large, after being predicted as a bottom two finisher within their division by most at the postseason.

The Diamondbacks have two cy-young caliber pitchers, and a rookie of the year candidate who could also possibly be an MVP as well.

Corbin Caroll has been a revelation and a half for the Snakes, and his continued performance will be a huge factor to consider as their chances towards the postseason become clearer.

This team is not someone to mess around with, and they will make you pay for any mistake you throw at them.

Prediction - AZ Diamondbacks moneyline and the under on runs.

San Francisco Giants @ Toronto Blue Jays – Thursday, June 29th

San Francisco comes into this series with a ton of confidence and ability to put pressure on opponents after a very, very good two week stretch to end June.

The SFG Faithful are in a good spot to make the playoffs but must continue this performance for the rest of the season.

On the other hand, the Blue Jays need some sparks quickly, as their chances are slipping fast.

Toronto is one of the, if not the most talented roster in the big leagues, but the results have not shown this at all.

There is clearly a lack of consistency and belief amongst their pitching staff right now, and those two things will not mix well in this series against the Giants.

Prediction - SFG ML and the under on total runs.