MLB 2023 Weekly Preview - Week 7

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The MLB season is in Week 7 now, which seems insane to think about since we just started the season not too long ago.

There have been many great games so far this season and the parity is at an all-time high, the MLB schedule has always been filled with twists and turns, but this season has taken any team that can win on any given day, to the next level.

There are so many players who are having a coming out party and the amount of hits this season on the new pitch-clock has been unreal.

Pitchers are still doing their thing, but there is a clear adjustment trying to be made that will show throughout this season.

These teams are making efforts in order to try and make the playoffs, and there is only going to be more heated rivalry as the season goes on.

The Tampa Bay Rays are still leading the league in wins, and their percentage of quality wins have been off the charts this season.

In order to win in today’s league, you must have a great bullpen as well as a competent offense to back yourselves up.

Let’s look at some of this week’s best bets on!


Houston Astros @ Los Angeles Angels - Wednesday, May 10th

The Houston Astros and LA Angels are battling for a spot as AL West Champions this season, and it certainly seems like these two will step up to the plate and challenge for the divisional title.

There is a bunch of talent shared by both of these teams, and regardless of the outcome they hope to both make the playoffs and face off in a bigger setting.

The Astros are clearly not one-hundred percent healthy from the top down when talking about their roster, but there are players stepping up in place when talking about stars like Jose Altuve.

The starting pitching has also recently taken a toll, with multiple freak injuries in the first few innings of the past few weeks.

LA and Shohei Ohtani will want to make this series a highlighted one in their calendars, especially in the thick of the beginning of the season.

Making an impression on their home turf against the Astros will do wonders for this team in the future.

The Angels have a plethora of talent within their roster, including two MVPs like Mike Trout and Ohtani.

Prediction - LAA ML and the over on total runs in this game.

Atlanta Braves @ Toronto Blue Jays - Friday, May 12th

ATL and Toronto are two teams with a ton of firepower on offense and will gladly take any match into the later innings with a slugfest.

The Braves are turning their attention to a possible world series title and in order to do so, will need to make the right plays and be efficient in a tough, tough regular season.

The Toronto Blue Jays are also hoping for a great year and hoping to return to the playoffs but making a better effort this time around will be imperative.

Pitching is something that the Jays are clearly lacking, and they will need to be on point to have a chance in this series.

Prediction - ATL Braves -1.5 spread.