NBA 2023 The Finals: Game 3 Preview

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Game 3 looks to be a lot more even and contested after a game two that shocked the world and many NBA fans.

The Miami Heat came through with one of the best performances of the season and there is no doubt that they have the Nuggets full attention now.

The Nugs weren’t up for Game 2, and it showed in the way they played, especially on the defensive end.

Karl Malone was not happy with their effort and that is what makes game three a must-watch.

These teams have the ability to beat one another without any remorse, but the consistency of quality in play varies greatly.

There needs to be a full buy-in from all players if you want an NBA Championship, and sleepwalking into a first quarter like it is a regular season game will not fly whatsoever.

This game three will take place in Miami, which should provide a more even contest and a nail-biter.

Let’s get into the analysis now on’s sportsbook!

Denver Nuggets @ Miami Heat - Game 3 - June 7th (1-1 Tied Up)

Things are getting scary for Denver

After a very sloppy game two, all hands are on deck for the Denver Nuggets.

Their star MVP Candidate Nikola Jokic carried them through the game with forty-plus on the Miami defense but was not successful in the end.

The whole Nuggets roster along with Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. were no-shows on both ends of the floor, making the game truly tough to win for the Nugs.

In game three, they will act on the film they will view after the loss, and hopefully adjust defensively.

According to coach Mike Malone, there are several things going to be changed heading into a momentum shifting game three.

The winner of game three is able to take the series nearly 70% of the time and leading 2-1 is truly something that will be hard to overcome.

Especially losing home-court now, the Nuggets need to regain the advantage.

Fighting through every Possession for the Heat

The Miami Heat surprised the world with a game two victory after being down double digits in the second quarter.

Miami culture has shone through in the toughest of times and there has been a clear dedication to the team-ball aspect of the game of basketball .

Erik Spoelstra has his team believing in themselves on any opportunity, and whenever one arises, another teammate steps up and makes a play.

Undrafted in nearly every position, the Heat have quality players who the world may not know on the bigger scale.

Their ability to shoot and play defence can be seriously deadly at times, and this game two emphasized just that.

Prediction: Under on total points scored in game three, with it going either way.