NBA 2023 The Finals: Game 4 Preview

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Game 4 is one of the biggest, if not the biggest game of a seven-game series.

It oftentimes signifies a true shift in momentum in the series standings, or an evening of the tides.

Denver was able to control the game from the get-go and were only in danger a few select times throughout game three, which resulted in an easy win.

There is nothing to say about the ability of the Nugs at this point, and they can feel the series turning towards their favour very fast.

The Miami Heat are in need of some desperation in game four, and they will have to rely on their star players in order to create some momentum.

Game 3 was not the best for the whole Miami squad, and there is certainly room for improvement in game four.

This game means everything at this point for the Miami Heat, so let’s get into the game four preview on’s sportsbook!

Denver Nuggets @ Miami Heat - Game 4 - June 9th (2-1 Denver Nuggets)

Reassurance in the Clutch – Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets finally looked like themselves in one the most important games of these playoffs and asserted their dominance.

Being the better team on paper has not worked out for teams that have played the Miami Heat this postseason, but game three was a huge reminder to the rest of the world.

Nikola Jokic put up one of the all-time great statlines in the game with another thirty-point triple double, while Jamal Murray also nearly finished with one as well.

These two stars could be carrying the league for years to come, and they are already so well versed in such few years in NBA career terms.

The Nuggets have an opportunity to close the series out here in Miami, with a commanding game four victory that could very well end everything for Florida sports.

Fighting through every Possession for the Heat

The Miami Heat are in a seriously anxious spot after losing game three, but their interviews in the postgame presser would tell you otherwise.

The Miami Heat have been in this position before many times, and they are not strangers to the type of thoughts you could be getting down in a NBA Finals series.

The Heat clutched a crucial game seven victory over the Celtics in the ECF, which was a back breaker for many fans.

They will be slight underdogs in this match and will look to their role players to deliver more key performances.

Players to watch for and that could make a difference in this game include Caleb Martin, Duncan Robinson, and Gabe Vincent.

Their presence is much needed at this point of the series, as Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo cannot carry one hundred percent of the workload.

Prediction: Miami Heat +5.5 spread on under on total points scored.