NBA Playoffs - Eastern and Western Conference Finals Preview

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The NBA Playoffs are down to the last four teams, and there is nothing that could be separating the hunger and fire that all four teams are playing with at the moment.

NBA History and Championship aspirations are certainly in sight, and the pressure has gone up a notch, in the Western and Eastern Conference finals.

Legends are made in this pen-ultimate stage of the playoffs, and those who want it will have to earn it.

After a severe battle-tested two weeks of basketball, the semi-finals have commenced and the teams left include: Mavericks, Warriors, Celtics and Heat.

Star players will need to be in their true form, and create some separation between themselves and the rest as they shape up their final laces of the season.


Series 1 - Boston Celtics @ Miami Heat - Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

Boston fans are at an all time high after beating up on the reigning world champions in seven games, culminating this past Sunday.

The team led by Jason Taytum, is firing on all cylinders even after a series absence of big man Robert Williams.

The three point shooting has been incredible throughout the whole playoffs, but it was especially on display during this matchup versus Milwaukee.

Giannis and company put up a valiant effort, but overall the Celtics were just too much to handle in a tough series.

They will be tired, but their resiliency and hunger will drive them to parade onto another gruler with the Miami Heat.

Miami has a competent front office, coach, and team. Their depth goes beyond the roster as their decisions have been key year in and year out.

Jimmy Butler is back and flourishing after being dropped from the 76ers almost three years ago.

He is now in another ECF and has a chance to take his team to another NBA Finals (2020 lost Lakers).

The defensive scheme has been a problem for every team in the NBA this season, and the Heat can make transition buckets off the turnovers they create.

Look for Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson to take some of the offensive load off Butler, and the rest of the boys to play hard basketball all series long.

Conclusion - Game 1 - Celtics take the away game.

Series 2 - Dallas Mavericks @ Golden State Warriors - Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

Dallas are going to be buzzing after a very tough game seven win over the #1 seed Phoenix Suns this past Sunday.

They are fired up off the play of Luka Doncic and other surrounding stars like Spencer Dinwiddie and Jalen Brunson.

Although they aren’t the team expected to make noise in the West, the Mavericks are playing with free money at this point, and anything they achieve from here on out will be considered a huge success.

They are hungry, and young, two dangerous things when combined.

Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors are on the brink of another NBA Finals appearance, and possibly Championship.

His team is deep and his protege Jordan Poole is looking to silence all haters with his impressive play this past season and playoffs.

Experience is very much on the Warriors side in this series, as well as the shooting ability and defensive know how.

Although Gary Payton will still be healing up, this Warriors team should love the position they are in, and the ability they have to win another chip.

Conclusion - Warriors dominate game one at their home.