NBA Playoffs - Eastern and Western Conference Finals Preview - Part 2

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The first week of Conference finals has revealed a very complex situation that could see a clear winner in the West, and a tight, contested battle in the East.

The quality of basketball has been varying, and the one who is most consistent will end up with the most success throughout the rest of these playoffs.

NBA fans will be delighted to know that there are still a few more steps to go through in order to decide the last two NBA finalists, and who will be competing for their shot at Championship glory.

Now more than ever, limiting the mistakes in play, and making sure execution is at peak performance are thrown into the limelight.

Staying healthy will also be a storyline to keep in mind as these NBA playoffs, like last year, have not been kind to most teams. has all your NBA promos backed, and the best lines in the game!


Game Four of Western Conference Finals - Golden State Warriors @ Dallas Mavericks - Tuesday, May 24th, 2022

San Francisco, the Bay Area, and Golden State Warriors Fans in general are buzzing after a set of great games that see them in firm command of the series.

Stephen Curry is finally picking up form, and their defense has been stifling through the first few games.

Something the Warriors pride themselves on is fighting for every game, and they have done that well after being down eighteen in game two, only to come back and win in championship fashion.

The pedigree of this GSW team is always going to be there as they return their core three, year after year.

However, if they want to add another trophy to the cabinet, they must not take these games away for granted.

Look for Steve Kerr to push the pace and guarantee his team some rest if they can get it done earlier rather than later.

Luka Doncic and Dallas need to figure out how to defend the Warriors and get better shots on their own offensive end.

The tough shot-making ability is always there with the Mavericks but it’s not always going to succeed, especially against the best of the best such as Golden State.

Although they came back from two games down against the Suns, they still have time to create some noise on their stomping grounds.

Dallas will be more locked-in defensively at home, and will certainly be prime to steal this game.

Prediction - Dallas Mavericks Money line for Game 4.

Game Four of the Eastern Conference Finals - Miami Heat @ Boston Celtics - Monday, May 23, 2022

Miami stole a crucial game three in Boston, and they look to be on pace to make the NBA finals for the second time in five years.

Jimmy Butler went down on Saturday, and it is yet to be determined how severe his setbacks may be.

If Miami can lock down Jayson Tatum the way they did on Saturday, it is going to be a grueling set of mid-series games for the Celtics, and they will have to earn every win and a half.

Prediction - Miami Heat Spread, in what should be a close battle.