NBA Weekly Preview: Week 15

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NBA Basketball returns for week fifteen of the regular season, just about the halfway point throughout the 82-game season.

A plethora of rosters have experienced it all up to this point, and the second half will be even more of a grind.

With exciting players coming up in this year’s draft, there is a sort of incentive to remain tanking, but commissioner Adam Silver has downplayed that possibility.

The future of this league is looking scary, with the current youngsters who are taking over.

Not to mention the prodigies being developed in the teens, basketball has a solid foundation when the legends of the game retire.

Stars in their mid to late thirties, there will be a time incoming that will see our favourite players all fall to father time.

In the meanwhile, though, there is a ton of action in the association.

Making plays upon plays in the absence of star power has been a constant theme in this NBA season.

Although the displays reflected the individuality of the league, teamplay is the root cause of winning teams and losing teams.

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Match Betting Previews

Philadelphia 76ers versus Los Angeles Clippers - Tuesday, January 17th

Philadelphia needs to figure out things fast.

The all-star roster filled with Championship hopes is quickly reeling after a season-high win streak just a few weeks back.

Joel Embiid and James Harden are almost locks for the all-star game, but their team needs them now more than ever.

After suffering multiple defeats to sub .500 teams in the past week, the 76ers look to rebound in a tough matchup against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Mostly catching fire on the offensive end of the court, the Sixers have been lacking on defensive efficiency.

There is no clear game plan for Doc Rivers, and it is apparent most times they are on the court.

Philadelphia needs to take control early and try to go up on a still-gelling Clippers squad.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are starting to see more and more minutes on the court together, which is a huge positive for the franchise of the LA Clippers.

Two greats of the game have been always facing opposite ends for the past few years since their acquisition.

Whether it’s one playing and one injured, or vice-versa, there is positivity starting to beam through the shutters for the Clippers.

Although their record might not show it, this roster is loaded with depth and able players.

They will feel confident to make it a show against the Sixers this Tuesday.

Prediction - Clippers money line and the spread as they look to get their expectations back on track.

Golden State Warriors versus Boston Celtics - Thursday, January 19th

The second rematch of the 2022 NBA finals will take place this Thursday in Boston.

Two teams who are Championship hopeful have the opportunity to run it back after such entertaining games in the previous part of the season and last year.

Golden State has received their superstar Stephen Curry back in good form, but he will need some time to rekindle with the line-up.

GSW believes in its philosophy and culture, which is why they are huge threats with the talent they are able to develop.

Boston looks to remain grounded in their approach and know they are able to win this game at home.

It will be feisty, to say the least, so grab your popcorn and enjoy this matchup!

Prediction - Golden State Warriors ML in an upset away from home against their arch-nemesis.