2023 MLB Postseason Playoff Picks & World Series Predictions

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Baseball has long been America’s pastime with the postseason every Fall being the highlight of the season, concluding with the World Series. Following the 162-game regular season, only 12 of the 30 teams qualify for the playoffs with only two surviving to play for a championship in the World Series. Those 12 teams include six division winners and six wild cards.

Starting in 2022, the playoff field expanded to 12 teams, six from the American League and six from the National League. This added an extra round to the playoffs, making the postseason longer, more exciting, and harder to predict. At the start of the playoffs, the regular-season records can be thrown out with all 12 teams having a chance to win a championship. After all, more than 100 years of Major League Baseball history have taught us that in the postseason, anything can happen.

2023 MLB Postseason Schedule & Overview

While 12 teams qualify for the MLB postseason, the playoff schedule includes four rounds to get to one winner. Also, the playoff bracket is divided between the National League and the American League, so there are six playoff teams from each league. Four of the 12 teams get a bye in the first round of the playoffs, two from the American League and two from the National League.

The first round of the postseason is known as the Wild Card Round. This round is a best-of-three series with the higher-seeded team in each matchup hosting all three games. The four winners of the Wild Card Round each meet one of the teams that had a bye in the Divisional Round. This round is a best-of-five series with the higher-seeded team hosting Games 1, 2, and 5.

Following the Divisional Round, only two American League teams and two National League teams remain. The two American League teams meet in the American League Championship Series (ALCS) while the two National League teams meet in the National League Championship Series (NLCS). These are best-of-seven series with the higher seed hosting Games 1, 2, 6, and 7. The two winners then meet in the World Series, which is also a best-of-seven series with the team with the better record during the regular season hosting Games 1, 2, 6, and 7.

When Are the MLB Playoffs?

The 2023 MLB playoffs begin on October 3. The four teams that earned a bye in the Wild Card Round are the Baltimore Orioles and Texas Rangers from the American League and the Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves from the National League. In the Wild Card Round, the Tampa Bay Rays face the Texas Rangers, the Minnesota Twins face the Toronto Blue Jays, the Philadelphia Phillies face the Miami Marlins, and the Milwaukee Brewers face the Arizona Diamondbacks.

When is the MLB World Series?

The 2023 World Series will begin on Friday, October 27. If the series lasts seven games, the seventh and decisive game will be played on Saturday, November 4.

2023 MLB Postseason Predictions

History tells us that postseason baseball often comes down to pitching. The teams that have the best pitching staffs typically have the best chance of winning a playoff series and advancing. Naturally, postseason experience also tends to help teams handle the pressure that comes with the playoffs. Therefore, pitching and experience are two key factors when making MLB postseason predictions.

MLB Playoff Round Picks & Predictions

The first year of MLB’s expanded playoff format in 2022 taught us a lot. Specifically, getting the bye isn’t always helpful. Both the Braves and Dodgers got a bye in 2022, only to lose in the Divisional Round. The long layoff that teams get because of the first-round bye can sometimes make them rusty. Therefore, the Orioles, Astros, Dodgers, and Braves are all vulnerable to early playoff exits despite being among the favorites to win the World Series at the start of the postseason.

The Orioles, in particular, are a team in trouble. Despite arguably being the best team in baseball during the regular season with a rotation led by Kyle Bradish, Baltimore’s roster lacks postseason experience. The Orioles also lost closer Felix Bautista to an injury late in the season, hurting the depth in the Baltimore bullpen. Since managers are less likely to allow starting pitchers to pitch deep into games during the postseason because the stakes are so much higher, teams with deep bullpens often stand a better chance. Therefore, the Orioles could be in trouble despite an amazing regular season.

The same can be said of the Dodgers, who boast plenty of postseason experience. However, injuries have hurt the Los Angeles rotation. Longtime ace Clayton Kershaw also has a problematic postseason history. If the Dodgers don’t get good performances from Kershaw and the rest of their starting pitchers, they could be eliminated in the Divisional Round for a second straight year, opening the door for other teams, including wild card teams, to reach the World Series.

MLB World Series Picks & Predictions

As mentioned, experience can be key in the MLB postseason, which is why the Houston Astros are a team to watch closely. Heading into the 2023 season, Houston was the reigning World Series champion and had reached the ALCS in six consecutive seasons. That stretch includes four trips to the World Series and two World Series championships. Even after losing all-star shortstop Carlos Correa to free agency after the 2021 season, the Astros continued to be a dominant force in the American League and look like a safe bet to return to the World Series in 2023.

In the National League, Houston’s opponent in the 2022 World Series, the Phillies, could be a team to watch closely. The Phillies got hot in the playoffs last season, reaching the World Series before losing to the Astros. Philadelphia brings back a similar roster this season but is even stronger with the addition of all-star Trea Turner during the offseason. With aces like Zack Wheeler and Aaron Nola continuing to lead the pitching staff, the Phillies are an excellent candidate to reach the World Series again in 2023.

Baseball Betting Tips, Odds & Preview

Baseball is typically one of the toughest sports for betting . After all, even the worst teams in the league will win 50 or 60 games every year while the best teams will lose 50 or 60 games every year. Therefore, he helps to have a clear strategy and plan when betting on baseball while also following some basic tips and principles.

For instance, try to stay away from betting on teams that are heavily favored. In baseball , there is always a chance that these teams could lose. Also, they usually don’t provide much betting value. Instead, some of the most valuable baseball bets are on underdogs because a strong performance by their starting pitcher or a good output from their lineup, they can win on any given day.

Another important tip is to remember that baseball is a game of numbers and history. Before making a bet, look at the recent history of each team. Is one team on a hot streak? Is one team in the middle of a losing streak? Is one team struggling to score runs? It’s also relevant to look at the history each starting pitcher has against hitters on the opposing team. The performance of a starting pitcher tends to influence the result of a game more than any other factor, so studying the history of a particular starting pitcher against the hitters he’ll face can help lead to an informed decision.

Types of Baseball Bets & How to Bet on MLB

The most common way to bet on baseball is to bet on the outcome of a game. Many bettors make a wager on the moneyline with the favorite in the game having shorter odds than the underdog. However, it’s also possible to make a bet on the run line, which is usually 1.5 runs. This means the favorite needs to win by at least two runs while the underdog can still win the bet if they only lose by one run. By betting on the run line, it’s possible to find value in a team that’s a heavy favorite.

Similar to other sports , it’s possible to make MLB bets around the total number of runs scored in a game. In baseball, every game will have an over/under for the total runs that will be scored. Similar to other sports where bets can end at halftime, baseball also has bets that end after five innings. For instance, bettors can place wagers on what team will be ahead or the total number of runs scored in the first five innings of the game.

Prop bets are also popular in baseball. There can be an almost endless list of potential prop bets for any given baseball game, especially during the postseason. For example, there are prop bets involving pitchers based on how many earned runs they give up, how many hits they give up, how many batters they walk, how many batters they strike out, and whether or not they will be the winning pitcher, among other options.

There are also several potential prop bets for hitters. There are bets based on a certain player hitting a home run, stealing a base, or getting a hit in a game. There are bets based on the number of total bases or RBI a player collects in a game. There can also be prop bets for if a player draws a walk or scores a run. Baseball also has game props based on the number of runs scored in a specific inning, the total runs a team scores in a game, the total number of hits in a game, and countless other possibilities.

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