MLB 2022 Playoffs Weekly Preview - World Series Game 3 & 4

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World Series action has started, and the first couple of games did not disappoint.

With a story book ending to game one, and a masterful pitching performance in Game 2, there is lots to love already about the long-anticipated World Series.

Both the National and American leagues should be proud of their candidates in this year’s winner take all Championship, and the heart that they are currently displaying on the world’s biggest stage.

Both teams are giving it their all out on the field every night, emphasizing their worthiness to be in such a position.

The star power has shown up in a big way for both teams as well, with Bryce Harper and Jose Altuve both leading the pack respectively.

There isn’t much to separate either of these teams right now, and the trend looks to be continued for the next two games in Philadelphia.

Look out for’s sportsbook promotions this week, as the World Series continues for another great two evenings of the most important games in the MLB.

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Games 3 and 4 - Houston Astros @ Philadelphia Phillies - Oct. 31 - Nov. 1

After the first two games of action, the Houston Astros are going to feel a bit disappointed in the tied series outcome of one game all.

Houston was arguably the more dominant team in both games, but the tail end of game one saw them concede a few late innings runs.

There are certainly a ton of things that can be taken away as a positive from the first two games, namely the superstar ability of Jose Altuve.

Big games are not anything new for the second baseman, and when his team needs him the most, there is nothing but clutch at bats.

Although Justin Verlander did not put his best effort forward, Framber Valdez was able to weather the storm in game two, pitching an absolute gem of a game.

The offense did not need to go into overdrive mode for game two, because the result was practically decided on Valdez’s performance.

Although not taking two games at the Minute Maid house will feel a bit distasteful, Houston knows that they have all the tools needed to go out and prove themselves in games three and four at Philly.

The pitching needs to show up and in accordance, the bats as well.

Philadelphia is certainly in this World Series and did more than well by taking game one in Houston to start off the most important series of their lives’.

The Fightin Phils have been known to create havoc in games, especially with their comeback ability.

Bryce Harper has led this team in the playoffs with his leadership and timely hitting, allowing the rest of the line-up to follow.

Philadelphia’s pitching staff will be one of the key things to watch for in the following few games, and how they react to the adaptability of Astros hitters.

The second part of the Phillies rotation will be going strong and a few bullpen pieces to coincide with them as well.

Philly is back in their hometown for games three and four, which will be a huge boost mentally for them.

The crowd support is next to none in the city of brotherly love, so expect their players to feel that energy and passion flow through them with each play.

Betting Prediction - Phillies and Astros to split games three and four, with Philly taking number three and Houston taking four.