NBA 2023 The Finals: Game 2 Preview

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Game 1 of the NBA finals was lop-sided and quite fairly, it seemed unfair.

The Denver Nuggets welcome in the Miami Heat once again for Game 2 of the NBA Finals, and they currently trail by a game to none.

These teams showed a complete opposite of one another for the first game, and it hopes to become more even the second time around.

Both team’s stars are under huge watch by the world, and Jimmy Butler will look to rebound on the biggest stage.

Bam Adebayo and Nikola Jokic might be a seriously spicy matchup as we get into these next few games.

All to play for still, and a huge need for the Heat, let’s check what game two is all about.

These two teams have put on an extraordinary show in both their respective conferences, and there is a reason that they are here now.

Let’s get into the game one preview here at’s sportsbook!

Miami Heat @ Denver Nuggets - Game 2 - June 4th (0-1 Nuggets)

Game 1 Stomp Out for the Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets are in firm control of their own destiny after a resounding 11-point victory in their own home court on Thursday.

The Nugs are creating something special in Denver, and their team has looked insanely sharp all season long.

Underrated in many aspects, Nikola Jokic has been a great orchestrator of the choir, and he has all the surrounding pieces singing in unison.

Jamal Murray has come out as one of the clutch playoff performers of all time, and his scoring ability has been next to none in the postseason.

Defensively, there are spaces for the Nuggets to work on, but they are currently sitting with a nine-win record to no losses in their side of town.

The Nuggets will be looking to seriously put this series in jeopardy for the Heat, in game two at home.

Familiar Positions for the Miami Heat

A great effort from the Heat in game one fell short, and they still have a chance to turn this series around.

Jimmy Butler did not play to his level of usual playoff consumption, and it showed heavily in Miami’s loss.

Tyler Herro will most likely be returning to play this upcoming game two, which should provide a huge boost to their offensive capabilities.

Adding another star to guard up for the Nuggets, Jimmy’s Heat will be confident and carry coach Spo’s gameplan in Game 2, which could be used to steal home court advantage.

It will be an uphill battle, but one that anyone should count them out for.

Prediction: Bet the Miami Heat +8.5 spread and the over on total points on’s sportsbook!