NBA Weekly Preview: Week 13

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The NBA has made for an entertaining past three months.

We are now getting into the thick of things for all thirty plus teams, meaning the heat and motivation is turned up.

Playoff seedings are still somewhat far away, but the work needs to be put in now.

There is no doubt that many coaches are starting to strategize how they will be able to play this second half of the season, one which is wholly defining.

Making sure players are healthy has become a major concern for the league, as knee injuries and bodily fractures are starting to pop up in different places.

Scoring is another storyline that has taken the league by storm this year. Totals have been propped up in all games, no matter who’s playing.

The pace that regular season games have been going at is one of the all-time highs.

There is almost no defence being played on shots, and even when there is, players are starting to get great enough to make it through the contested actions.

Because of this, making sure every possession is tough on the offense is critical.

Both the East and West have a ton of players who could make noise this year, so let’s look at this week’s premier matchups on sportsbook!

Match Betting Previews

Los Angeles Clippers versus Denver Nuggets - January 5th

The LA Clippers have received both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George back but are still hesitant to play them for a full game’s length without rest.

Stacked with one of the deepest rosters in the league, the Clippers are destined to make a deep run in the playoffs if they are able to remain healthy.

Ty Lue believes his team has what it takes but realizes that the details are minute and necessary to master.

The NBA Champion has coached the likes of Lebron James to a chip before and wouldn’t be unlikely to see another one sometime soon.

Ivica Zubac will be a key player to watch for this game and future matchup with the Nuggets, as he is the Clippers’ only consistent big man that can matchup with the Joker on the other end.

Clippers nation will feel confident in their chances this game, even with stars coming back and meshing.

Denver is riding into the second half of the season on the coattails of Nikola Jokic.

The Serbian monster has produced another MVP season and with the pace he’s going at, will break another few records in a short time.

The Nuggets are a well-rounded team but rely on their big man a little too much for our liking.

Jamal Murray and MPJ will need to step up in a big way if they want to compete with the Clippers, so expect there to be fierce determination from the forward and guard’s ends.

Prediction - LA Clippers win on the money line, take them to dominate the Nuggets in a very good matchup.

New Orleans Pelicans versus Dallas Mavericks - January 7th

NO and Dallas collide for fireworks this January 7th.

Another Western Conference banger is in store for the world to watch, meaning points points and more points.

Zion Williamson and Luka Doncic are two of the game’s biggest rising stars, making their name known on every game they grace the court in.

Two maestros in their own rights, the Pelicans are currently playing at a higher level as a team than most teams in the West.

Dallas is still trying to find that magic from last year but are closer to doing so at this point.

It will be an offensive battle, with defense being a afterthought in both superstars heads.

Prediction - NO Pelicans to do the damage on Luka’s Mavericks and cover the spread on’s sportsbook!

2024년 2월 25일
28 ' 2쿼터
디트로이트 피스톤스 - 올랜도 매직
승자(오버타임 포함)
41 ' 1쿼터
뉴욕 닉스 - 보스턴 셀틱스
승자(오버타임 포함)
시작 9분 후
미네소타 팀버울브스 - 브루클린 네츠
승자(오버타임 포함)

오후 6:00

필라델피아 세븐티식서스 - 밀워키 벅스
승자(오버타임 포함)

오후 8:30

피닉스 선즈 - 로스엔젤레스 레이커스
승자(오버타임 포함)

오후 10:00

인디애나 페이서스 - 댈러스 매버릭스
승자(오버타임 포함)

오후 11:00

워싱턴 위저즈 - 클리블랜드 케벌리어스
승자(오버타임 포함)
2024년 2월 26일

오전 12:00

뉴올리언즈 펠리컨 - 시카고 불스
승자(오버타임 포함)

오전 12:00

휴스턴 로케츠 - 오클라호마 시티 썬더
승자(오버타임 포함)

오전 12:00

애틀란타 호크스 - 올랜도 매직
승자(오버타임 포함)