NHL Playoffs Preview: Eastern and Western Conference Semi Finals

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The NHL is looking to regain some of its elusivity with the number of potential newcomers into the Stanley Cup Championship this season.

Now that the Tampa Bay Lightning and Colorado Avalanche have been eliminated, we will be seeing a new winner in the Cup finally, since the past five years.

The NHL has been truly amazing to watch this postseason, and the transition from regular season into postseason has been spectacular.

There has been no shortage of drama and players are kicking into final season form.

Gears are turning and we are seeing some great stories by underdogs who no one had a shot in the world for.

There are going to be some spicy matchups to decide who moves onto the conference finals, and these last eight teams will be putting their all out on the ice to try and secure a spot.

Another seven-game series is incoming for these teams, and their mental as well as physical will be tested heavily.

Will some of these newcomers make a permanent imprint on their history?

Only time will tell. Let’s get into some of this week’s best matchups on Stake.com’s sportsbook!

Florida Panthers versus Toronto Maple Leafs - Game 1 - Tuesday, May 2nd

The FL Panthers are on cloud nine after upsetting the best regular season team in NHL history, the Boston Bruins.

After securing a OT chance with one minute to go in the third period, the Panthers never looked back and made sure that their spot in the next round was booked.

Carter Vareghe emptied the Boston stadium with a dagger to seal their series win over the Bruins and they found themselves in round two.

Known as one of the better offenses in the league, Florida has a bunch of players who believe in themselves and shoot the puck without accord for anything else.

The fearlessness compiled with experience by some of the players on the team has landed them in so many great results, making do with the talent they have.

Brad Montour and Matthew Tkachuk were some absolute key contributors last series, and they will need them again if they want a chance versus the Leafs.

Auston Matthews and the Toronto Maple Leafs are making waves finally, and their curse looks to have been broken in the best way possible.

The Leafs are in the second round of the playoffs, something that seemed so foreign and scary to them in years past.

Toronto has a legit squad this season and have multiple playmakers who are able to make positive things happen on the ice.

William Nylander and John Tavares have provided great things to this team, and they only look to be growing as time goes on.

Betting Prediction - Maple Leafs moneyline and the over on total goals this game.

Edmonton Oilers versus Vegas Golden Knights - Game 1 - Wednesday, May 3rd

Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel finally find themselves in the postseason, years after they were drafted into the league.

The two were the biggest stars coming from their class, and they have an opportunity to show out against one another this week.

The Oilers are buzzing after a clutch series win against the Kings, one in which they were tested all the way to the brink.

On the other hand, Vegas completed easy pickings over the Jets and found themselves with more days to rest.

This series will be offense versus awesome defense, and possibly switch up as the games go on and they figure each other out.

Prediction - EDM Oilers Moneyline.

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2024년 2월 24일
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뉴욕 아일랜더즈 - 탬파베이 라이트닝
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뉴저지 데빌즈 - 몬트리얼 커네이디언즈
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필라델피아 플라이어즈 - 뉴욕 레인져스
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플로리다 팬더즈 - 와싱턴 캐피탈즈
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2024년 2월 25일

오전 12:00

뱅쿠버 커낵스 - 보스턴 브루인스
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오전 12:00

콜로라도 아발란체 - 토론토 메이플리프스
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오타와 세니터즈 - 베이거스 골든나이츠
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오전 1:00

캐롤라이나 허리케인즈 - 댈러스 스타즈
승자(오버타임과 패널티 포함)

오전 3:00

에드몬튼 오일러즈 - 캘거리 프레임즈
승자(오버타임과 패널티 포함)

오전 3:00

Seattle Kraken - 미네소타 와일드
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