NHL Playoffs Preview: First Round Week 1

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The NHL Playoffs are here which means there is nothing left to rest players for or save the strategies.

This year’s National Hockey League has certainly been more up-tempo than the past, and there are multiple players in the game looking to make a run at the Stanley Cup.

The starpower in the league is at an all-time high and there will be multiple performances deserving of the world’s attention over the next month or two.

Making the playoffs in the NHL is no easy feat, and winning the division is even harder.

The skates will be out in full force, ready to make some slashes into the opposing zone and have the fans roar in excitement.

Since the introduction of the NHL, this year’s playoffs look to be one of the most competitive.

The defending Champion Avalanche will have to make some huge adjustments to repeat, and a lot of people believe they have what it takes.

Will the dominant Boston Bruins come through in the playoffs for another time? All questions will have to be answered in the NHL playoffs.

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Tampa Bay Lightning versus Toronto Maple Leafs - Game 1 - April 18th, 2023

The TB Lightning have made the NHL finals for three years in a row, their play has been absolutely stellar for the past half decade.

There is nothing to say that they won’t be back in the Stanley Cup finals, but the field is so much more stacked in 2023.

The Lightning and Vasilevsky retain their key veteran players like Kucherov and Stamkos but need to realize that the defensive units of teams are ramping up.

Getting shots on target will be especially key against the Leafs, a team who is always on the offensive in every situation.

Lightning fans will be wanting to re-make the magic that has graced them ever so slightly in the past few years, making them a back-to-back Champion within the NHL.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have had some really bad playoff luck in the past half decade, much of the opposite of the TB Lightning.

Auston Matthews and company need to make their promise to the fans by going out and winning this series, something they haven’t been able to do in years upon years.

They are cursed when it comes to the first round in playoffs, and there needs to be a change incoming if things do not pan out in a winning way.

Game 1 will be a huge indicator of what’s to come, hopefully positive for Toronto.

Betting Prediction - Maple Leafs ML and over 5.5 in goals for the match.

Seattle Kraken versus Colorado Avalanche - Game 1 - April 18th, 2023

Kraken and Avalanche fans are locked in for a really testy round one series between one of the best up and coming teams in the NHL and the defending Champions.

Both of these teams have had great regular seasons, and both have battled through some adversity with injuries.

Nonetheless, the Avalanche look to defend their crown against the world, with Kraken being the first-round opponent.

This matchup will feature a ton of shots, and more than likely a ton of goals.

With that being said, look for the Avs to have an advantage in the first-round match, first game at home.

Prediction - Colorado Avalanche ML

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2024년 2월 23일

오전 12:00

오타와 세니터즈 - 댈러스 스타즈
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오전 12:00

뉴저지 데빌즈 - 뉴욕 레인져스
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디트로이트 레드윙즈 - 콜로라도 아발란체
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오전 12:00

피츠버그 펭귄즈 - 몬트리얼 커네이디언즈
승자(오버타임과 패널티 포함)

오전 12:00

탬파베이 라이트닝 - 와싱턴 캐피탈즈
승자(오버타임과 패널티 포함)

오전 12:00

캐롤라이나 허리케인즈 - 플로리다 팬더즈
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오전 1:00

세인트루이스 블루즈 - 뉴욕 아일랜더즈
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오전 2:00

캘거리 프레임즈 - 보스턴 브루인스
승자(오버타임과 패널티 포함)

오전 3:00

Seattle Kraken - 뱅쿠버 커낵스
승자(오버타임과 패널티 포함)

오전 3:00

베이거스 골든나이츠 - 토론토 메이플리프스
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