NHL Regular Season Weekly Preview: October 12-16

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The NHL Season is finally kicking off in North America and all twenty-eight teams besides the Predators and Sharks will be playing in their first games of the new year.

The 2022-2023 season has been long awaited by NHL fans everywhere and the community is set to devour every game that comes on at night.

Without a doubt, there is a ton of anxious energy going around the rosters and coaches of every single club in the league, but this will turn into positive energy to be used once they all are able to get on the rinks, starting this Wednesday.

The competitive nature of the NHL will lean heavily on more teams than ever in this new season, with a bunch of new stars being formed each game.

There is nothing stopping one of these teams from winning it all and they will want to get off on the right foot this week.

Let’s get into some of the premier matchups in the NHL this week, it’s the kick-off of the Hockey season on stake.com so don’t look back and use our promotions to the best of your ability now!

Colorado Avalanche versus Chicago Blackhawks - Thursday, October 13th, 2022

The Avalanche are reigning and defending NHL Champions, creating some of the best passages of play the world has ever seen.

Their 2022 run included a bunch of mistakes, but the thing that made it special was how they came back into games.

Colorado was merciless in beatdowns of all magnitudes not only within the regular season, but also the postseason.

Although their defence did not play the best in the most crucial times, their offense was more than enough to carry them through the tough times.

A bunch of all-star calibre talent on the roster, the Avalanche will start their defence with the Blackhawks at home.

They are more than excited to get on the rinks and will be skating with the utmost confidence this Thursday.

Blackhawk fans want a rebound season after a rough end to their last time around.

The Blackhawks have been known to be one of the better teams in the league, but their talent has not been reflecting their potential in 2021.

Chicago has had a rich history of great hockey teams and this season will need to be great to regain the fans’ trust.

There is a sense of need within the Blackhawk locker room at the moment and they need to translate the desperation into results starting with their season opener.

Betting Prediction - The Avalanche to dominate their season and home-opener with a spread victory as well as 1x2 and money line.

Toronto Maple Leafs versus Washington Capitals - Friday, October 14th, 2022

Both the Maple Leafs and Capitals have a ton to work on after disappointing ends to their previous seasons.

The Maple Leafs in particular, will have to build up their confidence back up after a devastating choke to the eventual ECF winners, Tampa Bay Lightning.

They have a plethora of talent at their disposal, which will work in their favour in this upcoming campaign.

Capitals fans realize that their team is getting older on average but do have chances to make some noise in the house.

Look for both of these teams to duke it out in the best way possible and there to be a ton of goals in the process.

Prediction - Maple Leafs 1x2 and the over on Asian total of goals in this matchup between two high-powered offenses.