NHL Regular Season Weekly Preview: Week 21

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The NHL is winding down the weeks towards the playoff season, a time where teams will show their true best in series.

For now, we will have teams competing for standings at the end of the regular period and a better shot at the Stanley Cup.

There are multiple title contenders, and several other capable teams.

This year’s parity has made the sport more enjoyable and made each and every match that much tougher than previous.

Scoring the puck is at an all-time high, meaning that defensive shutouts are nearly impossible.

Each game has seen an average total of over five goals, something that we have not seen in seasons before.

Regardless of the scoring, the best teams will have to rely on solid defensive sets in order to keep the attack out.

Goalkeeper has been an important position for years, but it looks like the emphasis has ramped up in 2023.

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Toronto Maple Leafs versus Edmonton Oilers - Wednesday, March 1st

A Canadian battle between two red-hot teams, the Maple Leafs will look to continue their streak of goal-scoring form.

Toronto is the most popular team in the league by far, and their fans demand high maintenance with every game that passes by.

Living up to these expectations has been difficult, as the Maple Leafs have not proved successful in the playoffs for the past half decade or so.

Nonetheless, this team is stacked with talent and should fear absolutely no one heading towards the last part of the season.

Mitch Marner and company are playing at an insanely high level and are outputting an average of 4.2 goals per game over the past few weeks.

With this type of offense, there is no reason they should be in trouble.

The Edmonton Oilers are doing well in the Western Conference, but will want to prove themselves as the dominant force in Canada.

Connor McDavid leads the squad and is considered one of the, if not the best man in the league at the moment.

His ability to distribute the puck, but also slice his way into the defence and score has caused opponents problems for the past few years.

His rise to stardom has been explosive, and his team is riding off his coattails at the moment.

Betting Prediction - Toronto Maple Leafs team total over 3.5, the game to go over goals as well, in a tight matchup.

New Jersey Devils versus Vegas Golden Knights - Friday, March 3rd

Another two teams who are on the current uptrend will be facing off in a battle of East versus West this Friday.

The NJ Devils are playing some awesome hockey right now and they are heading into a playoff experience that should fill fans with lots of hope.

VGK is on a similar trend, and their roster has stayed consistent in most aspects.

These two teams know how to play defence, which is how they’ve been able to get most of their wins this year.

Look for this game to be broken by only a few scores, and the shots need to be efficient and on target to cause a leap in their respective chances.

Prediction - NJ Devils +1.5 and the moneyline for a sprinkle, as we see a battle between two hot teams.

네셔널 하키 리그
2024년 2월 24일
8 ' 3피리어드
디트로이트 레드윙즈 - 세인트루이스 블루즈
51 ' 1피리어드
뉴욕 아일랜더즈 - 탬파베이 라이트닝
승자(오버타임과 패널티 포함)
49 ' 1피리어드
뉴저지 데빌즈 - 몬트리얼 커네이디언즈
승자(오버타임과 패널티 포함)
시작 36분 후
필라델피아 플라이어즈 - 뉴욕 레인져스
승자(오버타임과 패널티 포함)

오후 11:00

플로리다 팬더즈 - 와싱턴 캐피탈즈
승자(오버타임과 패널티 포함)
2024년 2월 25일

오전 12:00

뱅쿠버 커낵스 - 보스턴 브루인스
승자(오버타임과 패널티 포함)

오전 12:00

콜로라도 아발란체 - 토론토 메이플리프스
승자(오버타임과 패널티 포함)

오전 12:00

오타와 세니터즈 - 베이거스 골든나이츠
승자(오버타임과 패널티 포함)

오전 1:00

캐롤라이나 허리케인즈 - 댈러스 스타즈
승자(오버타임과 패널티 포함)

오전 3:00

에드몬튼 오일러즈 - 캘거리 프레임즈
승자(오버타임과 패널티 포함)