Sergio Agüero’s October Blog

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The international break is done and dusted and it’s back to the business of club football, so we sat down with our Global Football Ambassador and Argentina legend Sergio Agüero to discuss all the hot topics.

Premier League

Can Vincent Kompany keep Burnley in the Premier League this season?

Vinnie has done a great job at Burnley to allow them to return to the Premier League. The first year is always tougher but I trust he will keep them up. Kompany is a proven leader with a lot of Premier League experience.

How significant is Manchester City’s defeat to Arsenal?

It was a very close match, like most of the recent ones, where the finer details tip the scale, and that's what it came down to. Losing against other title challengers will never be pleasant. There's still plenty of road ahead though. It's the early part of the season and you can bounce back from that. Despite the injured players, City started off well, and managed to hold on to the top.

The Manchester derby is on October 29th . What were your favorite memories of playing against United for City?

Derbies are special matches, always. They are quite intense as an experience. I'm lucky to have had good memories when we played against United. We had some major wins, I was able to score, and those victories paved the way to win trophies, which is what matters the most. The one I remember most fondly is the first I played in. A very unusual scoreline, 6-1 at Old Trafford, and everything that carried along with it.

Is this the weakest United team you can remember seeing?

I don't think United have ever been weak. They've always had great players, and they've always shown an ability to recover from bad periods and get back into the fray.

What is your prediction for the game?

It'll be a difficult game. Form will matter for sure, but City will have a good performance. Hopefully, some of the injured players will be back in action and Pep has the whole squad to work with.

La Liga

How big a loss will Alejandro Balde be for Barcelona following his injury on international duty with Spain?

That depends on how bad the damage is, doesn't it? Hopefully it's a minor injury and we see him as part of the main squad as soon as it's reasonable. Balde is young, but he's a key piece of Xavi's squad.

Jude Bellingham has been sensational since moving to Real Madrid. Is he the best player in the world in your opinion?

Jude's adaptation was downright impressive. Ten games, ten goals, that's the whole story. Even as a young player, the pressure of playing for such an enormous team didn't affect him. That's praiseworthy. You can even see him do great things for the national squad. If he maintains this level consistently, he may be named among the best for sure.

Are you disappointed Pep Guardiola couldn’t convince him to join City?

Great teams will always vye for great players. City has managed to get the upper hand in several important occasions, like Haaland. Sometimes, it doesn't go this way, that's the way of the trade market.

What is your prediction for El Clasico on October 28th?

It'll be a great match. Just like the Manchester derby, all derbies are special. Hard to make a prediction, though I'm clearly rooting for Barca.


Do you expect Lautaro Martinez to move to the Premier League?

From what I've read, Lautaro is happy at Inter. He's the captain, and, in my opinion, the best player in the team too. I can't see a transfer materializing in the short-term. But then again, anything can happen.

Rumours are starting to swirl which are suggesting Sergi Roberto could leave Barcelona as captain to join Inter Miami. How significant would it be for Barca to lose their captain to a team in MLS?

I've heard that too, not sure of the degree of truth in that. As I've said before, football is full of surprises. It must be said though, since Leo joined the MLS, more and more players are eyeing the league.

What about Luis Suarez, how successful would he be alongside Leo again?

Hopefully, we see them play together again. A remarkable offensive duo. With just one look, they know what the other had in mind all along.

Joshua Kimmich has been linked with a move to Barca from Bayern to bolster the center of midfield. What do you make of that prospective signing?

It wouldn't be earth-shattering news if I said that Kimmich is a superb player. He's been a standard-bearer for Bayern, and a versatile piece of the team, able to play in many different positions. He's got what it takes to play for Barcelona and to do a great job to boot. However, whether the rumours are true, that's another story altogether...


Why did you choose gaming and not coaching or punditry like most other former players?

I was always interested in gaming and I started with projects while I was still playing. So it was natural for me when I had to stop playing to continue with them. I don't imagine myself coaching at the moment, but I do love football, and I do not rule out continuing to be linked to it from other places.

What are your aims in the near future and beyond?

It'll be two years since I retired in a short time. It was hard at first, but I had good company to tide me through. I was able to grieve, and then get back to action. I had started several projects before retirement, and then I had a chance to become more involved with them – like the KruEsports team. I was very happy to see the organization grow and what they've achieved. I'm also managing teams for the King's League held in Barcelona, and I am still close to the streaming scene. I've been busy, and juggling projects. I've been working on a few upcoming ones – I'll be able to tell you more about them soon enough.

Who were the best team-mates you played with and why?

That's a long list, and I don't want to leave anyone out, that wouldn't be fair. I've had fantastic team-mates in every team I've played for, and for the national squad too. I'll name a couple who were important to me because of when they came into my life. When I started playing for Independiente, I was the youngest in the squad, and Lucas Pusineri, a veteran. He looked out for me on the field and outside of it too. At Atleti, Maxi Rodriguez was a great source of support, as I had joined when I was just 18. During my time at City, Pablo Zabaleta played an important role in helping me adapt to England and the Premier League. And for the short time I was at Barca, I had a great rapport with Jordi Alba and Busquet. I was lucky enough to play with really cracking players. Leo, of course. David Silva, Kevin... the list is long.