Stanley Cup Play Offs Preview

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The National Hockey League has commenced its regular season, and teams are now gearing up for phase two in the Stanley cup playoffs.

Starting May 2nd, the NHL playoffs are going to be in full swing.

This regular season has had surprise teams come up into the global media light, and there are many storylines to follow heading into the playoffs.

This year’s field is strong, and the variance of possible winners is at an all-time high.

There are so many different arguments for any of these 16 teams to make a deep run.

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Possible Outright Winners of the Stanley Cup Championship

1 - Colorado Avalanche

The Colorado Avalanche have been the most consistent team this season, and their play has come from all spaces of the ice.

Goalie play and defense have resulted in getting through tough times for the Avalanche, and their offense looks to only be getting sharper.

The season progressed into a number one spot for the Avalanche in the Western Conference, but they will be looking to impose their will starting with series one against the Predators.

Home advantage throughout the whole playoffs, the Avalanche have the talent to take it to the next level and win the Stanley Cup this season, but there are obvious tough obstacles in their way.

If they can maintain their composure game after game, this team will be incredibly tough to beat.

2 - Calgary Flames

Calgary has been a pleasant surprise this season, and their success will only continue into the postseason.

The Flames are one of the most clutch teams in the NHL and have been riding a wave of positive improvement and continuation throughout most of the second half.

Johnny Gaudreau and his fellow teammates will be licking their chops this postseason and realize that they have a huge potential for a deep run.

If the Flames can remain healthy and maintain the pressure they put other teams up against this season, they will be right in there for teams that can easily win the whole thing.

3 - Tampa Bay Lightning

Lightning strikes in the worst moments, and for opponents it's always in the late game.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have a roster that is filled with players who can play for one another and make clutch stops and goals when needed. In the past few years, the Lightning have gained a reputation for being one of the toughest teams to beat in the league, period.

They have experience in this position and will be looking to finally cash in. If the Lightning can get past the first and second round, there might not be anyone willing to step in and take their momentum away.

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