What bonuses can I earn on Stake?

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Wondering how to earn bonuses on Stake? Fear not, because we’ve got all the information you’ll need!

VIP Program

Venturing through our VIP program is the easiest way to collect bonuses throughout your Stake journey, with level up rewards as well as daily/weekly perks that will soar you through the program in no time.

Stake Bonuses

Have you ever been offered a deposit bonus to your inbox before? Or have you won a challenge on our Forum or on Twitter?

You may have been asked to click on a link to claim what we normally call a coupon, or you may have seen money appear in your account or your vault.

As previously mentioned, there are no wager requirements on any of these bonuses – one of the Stake perks we’re confident you will love on our platform.

Where can I earn bonuses on Stake?


You may have noticed that most of our rewards have moved to reloads. Reloads are smaller bonuses spaced across days, hours or even ten minute periods. Often, we increase amounts for players if we are bonusing in the form of reloads, as we realise you cannot be on Stake every minute of the day!

Reloads are earned when you reach the Platinum stage of our VIP status, where players and VIP hosts are entitled to a daily or hourly reload.

No Wager Requirements

We’re a unique betting platform in the way our bonuses are able to be withdrawn. Our bonuses never have any restrictions, requirements or any strings attached to them. They are always ready in your account, waiting to be played with or potentially withdrawn with your other winnings.

This includes all Stake rewards; from reloads to rakeback, and bonuses to rain!