Promotional Content November 30, 2021

Daily $1,000 Casino Challenges

The competition just got more intense, with Stake's brand new Challenges now giving you even more chances to win!
Every day at approximately 00:00 GMT, a new challenge will be added to the site, with $1,000 up for grabs on that game for the first lucky player to hit the target multiplier!
With different themes every week and the chances of winning being equal for everyone, now's your time to make some profit!
And if the Challenge isn't won after 24 hours, it will simply stay active until someone wins!
Click the Play Now link below to access the Challenges and play on the Challenges every day! We will update on this page every day at around 00:00 GMT with the new game for the day.
Today's Game:
Gates of Olympus

Prizes Breakdown

– Per day, sent to one lucky player!

Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum bet for these Challenges will always be set to the lowest playable amount in USD, depending on the game
  • Anyone found to be using multiple accounts on the same game for the same Challenge day will not be eligible for future promotions