Promotional Content January 19, 2022 - January 26, 2022

The Level Up - Sports Edition!

We've taken The Level Up to the Casino - now it's time to put your sports betting prowess to the test!
Hit multipliers on the world's biggest and best tournaments each week to share in some cash!
  • NFL - 1.5x
  • NBA - 1.7x
  • UFC - 1.9x
  • Soccer - 2x
  • Aus Open Tennis - 2.5x

Prizes Breakdown

– Split between all qualifying players

Terms and Conditions

  • Any player found to be multi-accounting will not be eligible to receive prizes from this promotion
  • All multipliers need to be from single legs, but can be included in multi's
  • The multipliers on all tournaments must be matched or bettered to enter the prizepool
  • Please save your winning bet IDs in the unlikely event that, for whatever reason, you do not originally receive your coupons
  • Please allow up to 72 hours for prizes to be paid out. If you believe that you are eligible and do not receive a message with a coupon link, please wait until 72 hours have passed to contact support
  • Bets can be apart of singles or multi-bets
  • Bets can be placed live or pre-match
  • Minimum Bet - $2 on each (or multi)
  • Sport player-prop bets are not included