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Since the release of the original Egyptian-themed slots at Stake, we’ve seen many enjoy the game with some truly huge payouts. Due to its wild popularity, we’ve decided to continue the saga with the addition of our latest themed slots game, Samurai Slots !

The Basics

Here at Stake , we’ve always been about originality and this has been no exception with the latest creation of Samurai Slots . Unlike most slots games you’ll find, we’ve decided to spice things up by adding increased variance. There’s also not one, but two different triggerable bonus rounds! The game features 40 pay lines and all wins are multiplied by bet per line, with bonus rounds and special multiplied by total bet.

One of the first things you’ll realize when first playing are the exceptional graphics and animations. These were added to make this game a worthy contender of slots designed by other providers . We’ve spent countless hours ensuring that the animations in the game coincide with the mechanics of the game. We also wanted to create a game that can be played for longer periods without it feeling monotonous.

With Samurai Slots , we’ve created a high variance game that requires 4 symbols for a hit during regular mode. However, the payouts will increase during the special/bonus rounds. Below are the payouts during normal spin mode:

Basics Continued

With this being said, what will probably interest most players is the special/bonus rounds of the game. That’s where the big money is! The first bonus round that you can trigger is free spins, just like on our original slots game !

By getting 3 or more scatter symbols on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reel, you receive 10 free spins. You also gain the ability of getting as many as 180 free spins by triggering additional free spins. As you can see below, most 5 symbol payouts are roughly 3x the payout as normal spin mode. Additionally, in free spins mode, you also get paid on as few as 3 symbols.

The second special/bonus round that you can trigger within the game is one dubbed as the Samurai Bonus. To initiate the Samurai bonus, you just need to get 3 Samurai symbols on either the 1st or 5th reel. This can be triggered in both regular spin mode as well as during free spins.

In the Samurai bonus rounds, you receive 5 spins to get as many samurai symbols as possible. The samurai symbols stick in place, and the more you receive within the 5 rounds, the higher the payout. The max payout during this special round mode is 500x your bet which you can get by hitting 12 samurai symbols.

Game Mechanics

Just as with the original slots game, Samurai Slots is calculated by multiplying the float by the possible outcomes in the reel. The first 4 reels have a length of 30 possible outcomes, with the last reel having a possible 41 outcomes. Each game event determines the central stop position for each reel, with each game consisting of 5 game event numbers. In the case of bonus rounds, more are generated as required.

As with all Stake Original games, Samurai slots is provably fair which means all results are verifiable. To verify any game round, click here to do so after changing your seed to reveal the unhashed server seed.

Advanced Features

With Samurai Slots , there are a few advanced features that you can use to your advantage during play:

Auto Mode – Just as with any of our other auto modes, you have the ability of setting the number of bets, % increase/decrease on win or loss, stop on profit and stop on loss.

Hot Keys – Enabling hot keys for Samurai Slots will enable you to spin the reels with your keyboard as well as change the bet amount as you’d like:


As Samurai Slots is a new addition to the Stake lineup, we’ve yet to see the full payout potential from it. Given its high variance, we’re sure to see some massive payouts from some lucky players along the way. We hope you can be one of those lucky players as you spin your way to profit on this Stake Original , and we hope this guide has given you a bit more in-depth overview on our latest slots addition!

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