NBA Weekly Preview: Week 16

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In what has been a crazy season to date, the NBA delivers week sixteen during a huge push for better seeding for all thirty plus teams in the association.

There is a clear emphasis on getting road wins for teams at this point of the season, because of the severity and uncertainty of the result.

Teams that have been able to play efficiently have been able to rest their starters in recent weeks.

Injuries are once again a point of concern in a league full of stars, but it seems as if most are returning to their teams just on time.

The need for their abilities on the court has never been more, and as we welcome back stars like Stephen Curry and Anthony Davis, we will be treated with more entertaining matches!

Trust in the role players and bench for most teams in the league has also been a key news headline to follow.

Stepping up in others’ absences will be imperative for teams going down the line.

This week of games promises to be amazing, and we will be covering some of the best matchups on

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Los Angeles Lakers versus Los Angeles Clippers - Tuesday, January 24th

The Battle of Los Angeles is in very different form this upcoming Tuesday.

Two teams that are currently near the bottom of the pit, there isn’t much separating their play at the moment.

Lebron James and the Lakers need to play more consistent, but recent games have found their stride.

In surprising ways, the Lakers still can make the playoffs, especially with their big man Anthony Davis returning very soon.

If they can maintain around a record of .500 by the time their guy comes back, they are more than in business to make the Western Conference playoffs.

Look for the Lakers to command the crowd presence and try to steal one from the Clips.

Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers need to reset their season starting now.

Finding their identity as a squad has been tough, and their talent is not the issue.

So many stars on the ball on both the starting line-up and bench, there is more in line for this Clippers roster than currently being showed.

The duo of PG and Kawhi will be a dominant force when fully clicking, but they seem to need more time.

Inconsistent lineups and playing time issues with injuries have been weighing them down, and they are susceptible here in the Battle of LA.

Prediction - Lakers money line and the spread coming into second half form.

Memphis Grizzlies versus Minnesota Timberwolves – Friday, January 27th

Ja Morant and his Memphis squad were humbled in multiple situations last week.

After a few losses that were uncharacteristic of the team, there is a lot to be desired in the effort for the one seed in the West.

The Grizzlies are more than enough talented to do the job, but there is still clearly some learning that needs to be done.

They will face a team also looking to get back on track in the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Flowing freely, expect this game to have tons of scoring and less efficient defence.

Prediction - Memphis Grizzlies on the money line in the battle of the Midwest.

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