2022 UEFA Women's Euro Final Tips and Predictions - England v Germany

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The Women’s Euro finals are back to bet on Stake.com and there is so much hype surrounding these two nations in their quest for greatness.

Both England and Germany were touted as two of the world’s best heading into this tournament and nothing seems to have changed much at all.

This iteration of the Euro Women has featured so many great matches and entertainment throughout the whole competition.

The level of quality in play between teams has been great for the past two weeks and we have finally reached the pinnacle with these two teams.

Goals have been coming in from all angles in this Euro’s, breaking the record for most goals in a group stage in history.

There are tons of teams opening on the defensive end to make amends on the attacking end, which means the final should not be short of some awesome goals.

Germany has won a whopping 8 titles in the European competition and will feel the need to repeat what so many have been able to do in the history of their nation.

England has a current squad ready to take on the world, and their time to strike is now. Stake.com sportsbook has the best promos for the women’s final and have bet builders to keep you satisfied!

England versus Germany

England is a young and very well-coached squad.

The talent they demonstrate on both ends of the pitch have resulted in the squad conceding only one singular goal throughout this whole competition.

England has been lacking in the past decade, but this roster feels different.

Multiple great performances in all positions of the pitch, they have depth that they did not have for a long time within the bounds of their roster.

Much can be said for the rise of this squad to the top over the past four years and it seems to be getting better in real time.

Bethany Mead has been a large contributor to the success of her team, scoring six goals in the tournament so far with one game to go.

The past few matchups versus Sweden and Spain should have this England team ready to rumble and in-form.

Crisp passes and takeaways in the midfield have resulted in easy goals for the English squad and their total has skyrocketed as the matches played goes up.

Germany has the experience and veteran leadership to make deep runs in any Championship they participate in. Alexandra Popp has been stellar as always and leads the Euros with her marksmanship within the box.

Germany is through after a two to one victory over France which saw them dominating most of the game and finally taking the finisher at the end of the match.

Germany is like England in their offensive approach that is mostly pushed by physicality and multiple attempts in the box, however their defense will need to step up massively when they face the women from the UK.

Something Germany’s manager will focus on is the ability to stop the counter in this matchup particularly while also not conceding the first goal.

If Germany is found to be down, it could get very rough quickly.