Europa League Final Tips and Predictions

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The Europa League final is now set for the big stage, and May 18th will see two of the best clubs in Europe duke it out for a European crown, and Champions League spot.

After a tough group stage that turned into a random draw of top teams in Europe, these teams have run the gauntlet and made it this far, signifying their hard work in the process.

The stakes are high in the Europa League final, as the winner will get an automatic bid into the Champions League and could save their domestic seasons.

With guaranteed money added to the clubs’ finances on the line and such a big pressure off their shoulders, both Eintracht Frankfurt and Rangers will be keen to create the best opportunity for themselves to win it all. has all your Europa League needs on the sportsbook now!


Eintracht Frankfurt are having a banger of a European season, and they have upset two teams that have been playing better than them in the grand scheme of the year, as a whole.

Trashing FC Barcelona in the quarter-finals stage, Frankfurt is turning up the heat in Europe.

This stayed true this week, as they saw their way past West Ham, who are a top six team in the Premier League.

The attacking force of the Frankfurt team is one of the better ones in Germany, and Europe as a whole. They possess talent that can easily get through defenses and create opportunities from goal.

Defense, however, is a problem that they have been having since their top four season two years ago.

If they can clean up on mistakes, they will have the clear advantage in attack that might be too much to handle for Rangers.

Rangers have been a pleasant surprise from a great footballing nation in Scotland.

Usually, Celtic are the big dogs of the league and domestic play, but Rangers have found a renewed form and renewed hunger to climb their way back to the top.

James Tavernier and Ryan Kent are two of the players to keep an eye out for, and their play has largely carried the Rangers up to this point.

The support of Rangers fans will be imperative in this matchup, and their travel ability will need to be on full display.

The Rangers have a good defense that can come clutch in the worst of times, which will bode well in this game when they are under siege.

If the Rangers can keep the ball at their feet, they will have several chances in this Championship battle.


The Frankfurt experience and attack will be too much, but don’t expect this to be a blowout.

Prediction: Frankfurt 2-1 in extra time.