How to multi bet on Stake Casino

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The introduction of Sportsbook on the Stake platform is beyond exciting – it is a product that is going to change the game. With millions of different outcomes, no bet will be the same. A feature that many will already know how to use, is placing a multi.

This is a bet where you combine the odds from a number of matches or markets to create a huge multiplier. The bet wins if all of the legs that you’ve selected are winners.

But this type of betting isn’t just limited to Sportsbook. You can do these types of bets on Stake Casino.

With formulas ready-made for you throughout this guide, you will be able to place multi’s on one of Stake’s most popular games – Dice.

Remember that a multi is a bet that requires you to win every single ‘leg’ within the bet, in order to be a winner. Some people forget you can actually get the exact same profit from betting three times with a 2x payout, than one time with an 8x payout.

Let’s say we are doing exactly that – putting 2 Dogecoin on a 3 leg multi, with every bet having a payout of 2x.

Our final payout if we won all of our three legs would be 16 Dogecoin. This is because (2x2x2) is 8. And we are placing 2 Doge on this x8 multi – equalling 16.

To get the most out of this table, you need to fill in the green boxes. The blue boxes will work out themselves once all green boxes are completed.

So we are saying that:

  • My current balance is 300 Doge

  • The payout I want is 2x

  • I want to bet three times

  • I am wagering 2 Doge

The blue boxes have now calculated:

  • My balance whether I win or lose

  • The odds of my multi and my potential winnings

  • What I need to set my ‘On Win’ and ‘On Loss’ numbers

Seeing this put into practice on Stake will look like this:

It’s simple, if I win all three bets – I win 16 Doge! This is exactly the same as placing a three-leg multi on Sportsbook, where all of my legs pay $2. If I lose, I lose just 2 doge.

If you want to do this the other way around, we have also created a part of the spreadsheet that can give you the exact payout you need to win your own multi. You just need to choose your winnings and the number of legs you wish to have in your game.

Here, you can:

  • Pick the return you want

  • Pick how many bets you think you can consecutively win

  • Then see the generated payout that you need to set

Download your own Stake Multi Betting guide here !