Lucky Slot Symbols & Numbers Explained

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What are Lucky Symbols in Slots? - Slot Icons & Numbers Explained

Gamblers are superstitious creatures, and over the decades, a broad catalogue of lucky charms has evolved. The quest for divine assistance is also present in Stake Casino and the wider online casino scene. Players are fascinated with lucky symbols and tend to rely on their special numbers to receive favourable outcomes.

Let’s examine slot machines with lucky numbers inspiring classic symbols, and other objects of good fortune in games of chance at

What are Symbols of Luck in Slots?

Players are always on the lookout for an edge when playing online slots . Luck is a random occurrence that cannot be controlled or predicted. Yet, gamblers believe that certain numbers, animals, objects or symbols can lure positive outcomes. Often, they will choose a number with special personal significance, such as a birthday, wedding anniversary date, or their zodiac numbers.

There is no definitive rule on what constitutes a lucky number representing slot machine symbols. Although some numerological patterns are at play, in a nutshell, a lucky number is whichever digit resonates with you and is worth betting on! Popular lucky numbers are often used as traditional symbols, high-paying symbols or bonus symbols. In some games, a number like 7 can serve as Wild or Scatter  symbols.

Invoking the power of cosmic energies is not limited to numbers. Culturally accepted lucky objects such as a clover leaf, horseshoe or a rabbit’s foot can all act as magnets for positive energy. Most online casinos offer slots designed to match a popular genre or theme from any previously mentioned symbols of luck.

What are Popular Slot Games with Lucky Symbols?

The inventory of slots with lucky numbers is not small. Most software providers try to appeal to players by choosing themes that inspire confidence. Not surprisingly, lucky numbers are regularly found in the titles and as main slot symbols in popular slot games.

It's crucial to make it clear that online slots with lucky numbers function off provably fair mechanisms , as any other slot. There is a base game, and standard bonus game features such as free spins , bonus, buy option s and multiplier symbols.

Software vendors have the freedom to decide upon the structure of the slot including it's gaming grid and number of reels and paylines , the Return to Player percentage , common symbols and any major bonuses like jackpot features for a given game. For more information on the way slot machines operate, refer to our how-to-play slots guide. You can also learn the major differences between offline brick and mortar slots and online slots .

Lucky Numbers

Lucky Number, it's not uncommon for a number associated with positive energy, such as 7 or 8 to appear in different slot machines. The number 7 has been identified with the quest for knowledge and is significant in nearly every Western culture. It appears in philosophy and mythology, and hence many slot games embrace themes around 777 . The number 8 is considered a lucky number in Asian cultures, especially in China, where the word for 8 is sounds similar to the word generate wealth.

Some noteworthy lucky number slots at Stake Casino include:

Significant Animal Symbols & Zodiacs

Animal totems have long been part of the spiritual life in different cultures. Logically the most revered animals have found a way to migrate into the online casino landscape. Every corner of the globe identifies with a certain animal which they believe to be powerful and lucky.

For example, Asian culture prefers the Dragon as a good luck charm, and Europeans view the rabbit as a symbol of prosperity. Frogs are also bringers of luck in Chinese culture, Korean culture and Japanese culture , while Elephants are honoured in Indian and African cultures. Native Americans respected the Buffalo and gave homage to it. Providers are happy to incorporate a diverse range of cultural heritage in online slot machines.

The Zodiac card symbols also are borrowed as inspiration for common symbols and special symbols in Oriental-themed online casino games. . A few popular animal-themed slots listed in the Stake lobby include:

Irish Folklore & Icons of Luck

Irish superstitions about luck draw roots from Celtic myths and legends. There are dozens of symbols and magical beings that can bestow luck, such as fairies and the cloverleaf. The folklore of Ireland is well-known around the world, thanks to the movie industry, which popularised the Leprechaun. Some games inspired by Irish folklore include:

Casino Promotions, VIP Club at & Responsible Gambling

Stake members are entitled to a generous assortment of casino promotions for playing new releases and classic casino games. The bonuses are enhanced with special exclusive benefits, accessible via the Stake VIP Club , based on several loyalty levels. Stake players can redeem rakeback , reload bonuses , and get a personal VIP host , through the loyalty program. The VIP FAQ page is full of info about the loyalty tiers and rewards.

The customer support staff is available 24/7 to offer guidance for resolving issues or assist with promotions and banking . We advise that you gamble responsibly and go over the Stake Smart guidelines to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools for responsible gaming.

Symbols of luck in online slots – whether playing for free or for real – hold no special cosmic significance other than the value inscribed by the slot developer. Whatever result you think a certain symbol attracts – positive or negative – it’s all just algorithms generating random , albeit coincidental results. In the end, lucky symbols are just an instrument for fun.