MLB 2022 Weekly Preview - April 25 - May 1

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Baseball is back with a vengeance this season, and the consistency of games is finally starting to feel right.

Day in and day out, we are seeing teams leave it all out on the line to become the best versions of themselves on the field.

With many interesting results in week three, the message to every single team will be to keep pushing and start making the right plays.

Pitcher’s ERAs have been wildly inconsistent throughout the first few weeks, and really depends on how clean they’ve been in a small portion of innings.

There is still tons of room for offense but knowing the balance between the two is going to be imperative. has you covered for all your player prop and MLB lines, take your chances now!

Game 1 - New York Mets @ St. Louis Cardinals - Tuesday, April 26th, 2022

The New York Mets are enjoying the fruits of their hard-earned money going to Francisco Lindor.

The star man and huge signing designed to bring the Mets to an elite level, is finally starting to show signs of an uptrend.

After a huge regression season last year, it seems Lindor is determined and will return to the mean if not better.

If this hot start continues, the batters around him will free up from pressure, and create better offensive ability for the team.

The addition of Max Scherzer is great and shows that the organization knows the talent they have currently.

A great start to 2022 has the Mets in a hopeful spot, in a great matchup versus the Cards, this Tuesday.

Cardinal nation has seen a decent effort from their boys in red in the first few weeks of the season.

The pitching has been great, but often can get wild during bad stretches.

The Cardinals are a strong team every year, but it feels like they will need to turn up on a different level if they have a chance to be crowned division winners.

This is a definite test for both sides, and either will be happy about winning and taking the series from the other.

Prediction - New York Mets continue their hot streak and take care of their NL counterparts in style.

Game 2 - Seattle Mariners @ Houston Astros - Monday, May 2nd, 2022

Seattle has had a hot start to their season, and once again the city is on good terms with its sport and organization again.

Since the Ken Griffey and Ichiro days, Seattle has always been spoiled with great hitters. Offense is usually their suit of choice, and they can score runs in bunches with home runs and other hits.

Look for the Mariners to make a push and stand toe to toe with that Houston offense.

The Houston Astros will be hungry to make this series for Seattle an absolute grinder.

Inter-division rivals, the implications of these series with a new and improved Mariners team will tell a lot about the season going forward for the Astros.

Justin Verlander has just returned and looked crazy in his first start, will he replicate that consistently?

A plethora of questions to be asked, and not too many answers yet.

Prediction - Mariners to win and take the Moneyline, in an absolute slug fest by both sides.