MLB 2023 Weekly Preview - Week 4

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Week 4 of the MLB regular season kicks off in style, as many teams are starting to get in the groove of things heading into the meaty part of the 182-game year.

These past three weeks have been great to watch as baseball retains its place on the world stage.

Although many people would say that the new pitching changes are detrimental to some pitchers, overall, it has been a great improvement to the pace of games and many people are reacting nicely.

The MLB has always prided itself on being a great piece of entertainment and sport for audiences and the more it is able to appease to the masses, the better.

This week we have many inter-divisional rivalries as well as battles from coast to coast.

This part of the schedule is where true winners show their marks, and the first few weeks have yielded some surprise results from both the American and National league.

The fight that these “lower level” teams have provided to some of the world series favourites has been commendable and we hope this continues on the upward trajectory to make the league more competitive as a whole! will be offering the best MLB markets and promotions in the game, so check out our sportsbook now!


New York Mets versus Los Angeles Dodgers - Wednesday, April 19th

The New York Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers will be facing off in a battle for the NL supremacy, something that both teams have been lacking in during this start of the season.

New York has a new team to compete with in town, and the big apple is becoming a bigger and better threat to the National League by the day.

They haven’t started off in the most consistent of ways so far, and there is still time to make it up.

However, the big hitting line-up of the Mets should be doing better in these scenarios.

Especially against lesser teams, the Mets have struggled so far but have surprisingly upped their game versus teams like the Padres.

This series should be a great one and there is a great chance there will be some fireworks.

Los Angeles clearly needs a spark in their current season, and they have been lacking in all sense of the word within both pitching and offensive hits.

There haven’t been too many positive series from the Dodgers, and they have been in the fight of it in nearly every single game.

Pitching outside from their top two starters has been massively underwhelming, and they need this series for a positive confidence boost.

Prediction - New York Mets Moneyline.

Toronto Blue Jays versus New York Yankees - Friday, April 21st

The Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees are facing a divisional battle within the AL East and there is a ton of hype surrounding this series.

The Blue Jays are looking good, but demand more from their pitching staff who is looking to make up for past mistakes.

The Yankees as well, have had problems within their starting pitchers.

Offensive woes will more than likely lose either team this series, or there needs to be a more creative way to win.

There is more to come, and this series will be an early season test.

Prediction - Blue Jays +1.5 and the over on total runs scored.